Monday Moaning.
Poke me. I like it.

C'mon let's get us a bucket of chicken.

Come on girls, let's go.  It's time to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  They've finally cut the trans-fat from the menu, or have they? 

"Yum Brands Inc. on Monday said all of its KFC restaurants are now serving fried chicken with zero grams of trans fats. KFC said it took three years of research and planning to remove trans fats from its products. It took a six-month transition process to switch to a low linolenic soybean oil in place of the partially hydrogenated soybean oil previously used in KFC restaurants in the United States. In a separate announcement, Yum Brands said its Taco Bell restaurants switched to a trans fat-free frying oil."

So, I don't so much eat fried chicken, because it makes me feel like I might die.  So, I pull up the handy-dandy nutrition calculator on KFC's website.  Hmm.... what sounds good? 

What would the kids like?  Oh, baby, Chicken Pot Pie or Popcorn Chicken or, their FAVE Mac + Cheese!?

"All of your KFC chicken products now contain Zero Grams Trans Fat per serving. KFC has finally found the perfect recipe, incorporating the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices with a new cooking oil that contains Zero Grams of Trans Fat per Serving. Besides our finger-lickin' chicken, many of your favorite KFC side dishes now have Zero Grams Trans Fat per serving, including mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. At KFC, it's all about the recipe. And now, your KFC chicken is better than ever!"

'Cept for your CHICKEN Pot Pie which has 14 mothereffin' grams of TRANS FAT and your Popcorn CHICKEN and your MAC + Cheese!   I'm sure there is more, but I got pissed off and clicked the red X and left the website. 

Let's discuss this. 

Yum! Brands, apparently wants to know what you think?  Look:

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