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Cross-Addictions After WLS

Bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass can dramatically reduce weight, but new studies have found it doesn't always solve the underlying problem, and patients can wind up with other addictions.

"I think we've probably underdiagnosed some of these addiction disorders post operatively or after surgery because we haven't been looking for them in the past," says bariatric surgeon Dr. Nestor De La Cruz Munoz.

As psychologist Melodie Moorhead describes in "Bariatric Times" transfer of addiction happens when patients overindulge in alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping or sex as replacements for food.

They're often caught completely by surprise.

A recent survey in Bariatric Times found 28.4 of the gastric bypass patients said they had a problem with alcohol control. 

Only 4.5 per cent said they had a problem before surgery

Experts say a physical fix for obesity is just part of the solution when addiction to food is the cause.   

Source:  WLTV.

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