Why a TX Doc doesn't do Gastric Bypass.
The nugget.


It's pouring buckets out there.  The kids were thrilled because I'd picked up a couple of $3.00 umbrellas at Wal*Mart that they could take to the bus stop. I woke up with a fantastic headache so breakfast today was three Ibuprofen and coffee.  I finished off my first cup and the headache is gone, so I made another shot.  (I have a Keurig, it makes wee 7 oz cups at a time.) This time I added a scoop of vanilla praline protein powder - (because I'm in diet head mode this morning) thinking that would be beneficial.  That poop chunks in really hot coffee.  I knew this, I don't know what I was thinking.  No, I do - I watched a YouTube of another post WLS person, and she was discussing how she takes her protein on the road - and she popped her protein powder into her morning coffee.  Genius, right?

Well, every time I try it - it chunks, coagulates or gets gritty.  Not pleasant at all.  I should know these things after three years of living this way --- right?  I can add powder to my cold coffee - but I generally don't like it once it's added!  I like strong coffee without icky flavor added, and protein powders can add some nasty after tastes.  So, whatever, I'm drinking the chunked up Vanilla Praline coffee, but I won't be doing THAT again, at least with this variety of powder.  Ick.  It's ****ing disgusting.  I'm dumping it out now and having a fresh cup, sans protein.  (FWIW - this was Designer Protein Vanilla Praline.) I figured I'd start my day well - to see if it led to a better day, rather than the grazing I've been doing.  It seems when I start the day with my love of cottage cheese, I'm immediately hungry again.  I know it passes through the pouch way too quickly, and it's likely to be a cycle of hungry, cheese, hungry, more cheese.  What do we learn from this?  Eat Beef For Breakfast.

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