Were you planning to kill me?
You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Know Everything About Weight Loss Surgery.

My husband is leafing me!

Why?  Because I ****ing Stink.  He has decided that I am rotting from the depths of my soul intestine, and I may very well just turn into a puddle of poop and die.  Last night was the last straw, it came down to me or the can of Neutra-Air.  The can won.  It wasn't because I threatened to take him out with the power of the ass - but he may have gotten Neutra-Air up my nose.  Some of you may have this side effect after weight loss surgery, the Gas Of Death.  Some of us, apparently get a Very Special Kind, the kind that comes when our bodies reject food - mainly anything that requires any digestive functioning.  I've blamed all sorts of things for my, um, problem.  I've given up on my beloved cottage cheese, because, it seemed to have intensified the issue.  (Breakstone's Cottage Cheese is now for Digestive Health - with added fiber - and I don't have Digestive Health.)  I ate a couple of regular protein bars from Atkins - and I was sure they were the offenders, too!  Then, it was some No Sugar Added popsicles - those must be the problem!  No, it's everything and anything.


So, I quit.  I quit food.  Food ****ing sucks.  I'd rather never eat again than deal with this.  It's bad enough that I get physically sick after eating, and that I get low-blood sugar after eating, but... add deadly gas to it?!  It's nothing new - this kind of reaction comes and goes, but it's extra special now.  For what it's worth - HE also has a serious gas issue - since WLS - and he is stricken with VIOLENT LOUD GAS.  This kind and shoot you down the stairs, backwards, if you're behind him.  (But, he has no stink.  He smells of Roses and Rainbows.)

If I could hack it, I'd go on full liquids for a while to give my belly a rest.  Maybe I will.  I don't know.  I'm just aggravated.  If I don't eat food, I don't have a problem.  I can't have anything with fiber, milk, sugar alcohols or soy.  All of those bother me, bad.  So, it's um, chicken broth and coffee for me?  Ugh.

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