Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi Vitamins - Orange Flavor

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Lozenges

...freaking Calcium Citrate.  I got up, as per usual, started the coffee, and dug through the bag of samples from Bariatric Advantage, looking for another Cinnamon-Flavored Calcium Citrate Lozenge.  Since I had a big handful of them, I'd been taking them daily, and started to look forward to having one twice a day.  I dug, searched, dumped out the contents of the plastic bag, and They're Gone.  (You see how silly this sounds?)  Well, I want more.  Maybe it's the lack of calcium and vitamin-D in my body talking, but I crave the stupid things now.
Anyways - I don't think I gave you all the dirty details in my last post and video about these, so here it is from Bariatric Advantage.

"The chewable Cinnamon flavored lozenge was developed to conveniently meet multiple needs of the Bariatric patient. The strong cinnamon flavor helps the patient address ketosis breath and general breath odor, along with providing the most bio-available form of calcium and other nutrients that have been shown to support bone health. The delicious chewable cinnamon is a favorite among our patients, is very low in carbohydrates and provides them with the most bio-available form of Calcium and other minerals that have been shown to promote bone health. 

Nutrients that make up our Chewable Calcium Citrates are:

Calcium Citrate — Repeatedly shown to be the most bio-available form of calcium. Calcium Citrate does not require an acidic environment for absorption, so it is an excellent choice after weight loss surgery. This form of calcium may protect against kidney stones, so it is safe to recommend to “at-risk” patients.


Magnesium Chelate — Magnesium is important for bone health and supports calcium absorption. The amino acid chelate is easy to digest and is not likely to be irritating. Magnesium is also an important nutrient for cardiovascular health.

Vitamin D3 — This natural form of vitamin D is readily converted to the active form needed for bone health. Vitamin D is needed both for calcium absorption and utilization. It is especially important to DS/BPD patients who have malabsorption of fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin K — Vitamin K plays an important role in bone health. Vitamin K is needed to synthesize osteocalcin, a major protein in bone. Low levels are associated with bone loss in men and women."

So, go, order some.  Tell 'em I sent you.  If you don't like them, send 'em to me.  :)

They're available directly through Bariatric Advantage and other assorted online retailers.

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