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Plastic Surgery Complications - Update (again, again..)

I think MIL might be well enough today to try to make it to the boy's football game.  She's been basically "in bed" since her lower body lift weeks and weeks ago.  I don't think I mentioned that the doctors have now diagnosed her freakish passing out episodes as "vertigo."    She's had near-passing out episodes in front of her visiting nurses and family.  They have all been freaked out by it, causing more than two trips to the hospital and PCP for check-ups.  I do not know anything about vertigo or why it came after this whole plastic surgery nightmare?  Anyone?

Update:  She came to the house for a very quick visit.  She's cannot move her head or move fast - or she's instantly dizzy.  She tried to visit with the kids, but was soon asking to go and lay down at home.  How horrible!

This turned out to be a long post about Many Things.

Yesterday's eating wasn't too bad, considering I kept busy ("working") all day.  I nearly crashed once - I felt things going fuzzy, and I drank a protein/fruit shake immediately and it held it off.  I'm hating this in "public."  Poking my finger isn't so much the thing to do whilst making coffee.

look, it's fall.

I have to get ready and go back this afternoon.  I am not looking forward to it.  We have a smallish annoyance there - and it's a very little something that drives ME absolutely bat-poop. 

I think I have realized that I want to work "normal" hours when I find a big-girl job.  What is normal?  Eh, not necessarily 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, but it's probably very close.  I need to be here in the late afternoon/evenings - when the kids are out of school, at very the latest, 5:30pm.  I don't need to be here on weekends, but I WANT to.  The boy has a game today, and I would have liked to go. 

sugar water

Little things like that I will miss if I'm not here on weekends.  I don't know.  I'd feel better about being elsewhere making money if I were making money, if you know what I mean.  Thirty hours of work for one trip to Super-Wal*Mart each Friday.   I'm serious - if I work thirty hours, it's about $230.00.  That's the week.  I buy groceries and household needs, with occasional things like a winter jacket, shoes, bits of clothing, socks, etc, and it's gone.  I'm not making a dent in the bills in any capacity, beyond actually just covering the groceries.  Sure, that's a huge help, but, is it really?  Perhaps if I were doing something that earned bill money - I would feel differently.

That, and...

I saw a girl I graduated high school with ten billonty years ago yesterday.  I knew her immediately - I told her that I recognized her.  She hadn't a clue who I was.  Not a clue, you should have seen the look on her face!  She, looked identical to the way I recall her from elementary school, even.  She asked who I was, and I told her, she said, "You look good, not that you didn't look good before, but you look good!"  Uh, thanks.  I hate that response.  I always get that - but it kills me - because I wasn't that FAT when I graduated, yet, I am remembered that way.  This is why if I recognize someone, I let them initiate the conversation if they recognize me - because it's so ****ing awkward.  I don't want them to mention how I "look."  It's silly at this point.

She goes on to say that she talks to none of her old friends from school, and I say that I've had a similar experience, because I don't really talk to any beyond the random conversation via online contacts - aka MySpace.  We discuss how it's a bit odd how people change, yadda yadda yadda.   I tell her that "what gets me" is that people that would have been first in line on the bus to poke me with a stick back then, are the first to stop and talk to me NOW, and I hate that.   

"Oh Em Gee, You Look So Good!  How ARE You?!" 
"Uh, I'm well, and you are?"   

**** them.  Apparently she agreed.  But, wow - what a trip to see someone eleven years later. (And, serving her a ****ing cup of coffee. *sigh*)

Long ago and far away. . . at about 200 lbs


DSC_0197, originally uploaded by Melting Mama.

I've taken to going to football practice, because - I can walk the track while they play. Look at my boy - you'd think he could take you out like a truck. I mean, he can take me out - if he wants to, or if I ask him to try, but... during practice, he moves out of the way. ;-)

Lisa Sargese - A Very Raw Video.

I clicked on this video last night, while following links at YouTube.  It was not at all what I expected. Although, I do not know what I was looking for.    How absolutely raw and upsetting.   It brings feelings back, no?   The womans name is Lisa Sargese, she has a blog here:  http://www.theskinnyonline.blogspot.com/  Lisa, wow.  What a brave posting.

Many swooshes.


  • 165 lbs.


  • 11am:  100 calorie cracker pack (crashing, had to eat something, anything!)
  • 11am-1pm:  Skim milk in latte
  • 2pm:  3 small ground beef meatballs in sauce
  • 2:30pm:  1 ISS Oh Yeah Protein wafer (if only to get the nasty taste of frozen meatballs out of my mouth!  Yuck!)
  • 7pm:  3 small ground beef meatballs in sauce
  • 1/2 Smart Ones Broccoli/Potato thing

So, avoiding what I really want to blog about - saving that for later, perhaps. 

Last night?  I again, had a low blood sugar during sleep.  This is something that is becoming worse, or more noticeable.  It was about 3am, and I woke up - in that dazed brain foggy stupor, and I knew I was low.  I didn't test, because I was in la-la land.  I stumbled up the stairs and started sipping 100% orange juice straight out of the carton  (something, I never do under normal circumstances!)  because I knew I "needed sugar."    I made it back to bed okay - and woke with a headache.

Apparently this has been happening now, in the middle of the night, though I hadn't been waking up.  My husband says that I have woken HIM up several times, to share that, "I need sugar."  I guess I can feel symptomatic during sleep - but not enough to wake up or remember talking?!  Scary.  Last night, I was aware of my symptoms, my hands were tingly, and my whole body was out of whack, I could feel it... I definitely knew it was happening, I just don't know how I woke up easier.

This morning, after grocery shopping, another one - they seem to come in random sets.  I was just finishing up shopping, and it hit me after cashing out and walking to my car - which I parked very far away.  I ate a 100 calorie snack pack of something that was in the bags - and sipped latte with skim milk, and again, it went away. 

Now I can share my moral problem.

Remember a few weeks back - that jay oh bee interview?  Well, seeing as nothing came of it (that I took on, anyway) I will share.  It was a position working directly for an owner of Many! Locations! of a very superdeeduperlarge fast food chain in our area.  While I never got to the bottom of what the jay oh bee would actually consist of, I decided not to take it even if offered, because I felt guilty.  The first question asked of me at the interviews, was something about "how loyal will you be?"  And, alternatively, "who comes first, the company or your family?"  Uh.  I Can't Answer That?  He sprinkled all of the conversations with references to being loyal to the company, working long hours and being one thousand percent there for him and the company.  It was all very bizarre, actually.  While he did offer me a job, I never gave him an answer.  I couldn't. 

While the thought of making an actual sized paycheck again was tempting, becoming a silent member of the burger pushing clan made me twitch more than a little.  Is it wrong to say that I wouldn't take a jay oh bee for them because I knew I couldn't blog about it?  It's partially true!  Indirectly promoting fast food seemed so wrong on my part.

As we chatted in the interviews, the topic of nutrition and parenting, etc. came up.  He asked, outright, "are we (the corporation) to blame?"  I said, "it's generally the parents fault for making bad choices."  I dodged my real answers.  I felt skeevy sitting there discussing Big Mac politics as a former fat girl who made at least 1-3 meals a week from fast food.

I was somewhat open with him, I mentioned that I was looking into perhaps, some sort of future in nutrition, and that I wrote "posts" about these kind of subjects as a hobby, online.  He was intrigued, and wanted to know if I'd consider writing in a positive fashion regarding nutrition, parenting and fast food, in such a way that put a positive light on the happiest of meals.  (Go ahead and watch the video about the all-beef patties.  Blech.)

Walk From Obesity 2007

Again, feeling guilty, I did not know what to say.   

In my mind, I had Michael Moore sitting on one shoulder whispering in my ear, "Do it!  Do it!  Think of the blog posts from the darkside!  Do it!"  On the other - Susan Powter,  "Eat an organic pear!"


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Thanks to Jennifer, I found some killer prices on my bars at Vitacost.  I am looking over the site for any other things I might want/need/review - and found these:  Drinkables

I'm not interested, because I enjoy chewing my <insert pimpage> Bariatric Advantage Multi-Vitamins /end pimping > but... I thought that it might be of use to some of you. 

The "Drinkables" line of vitamins are sugar-free and totally liquid.  This is a very cool option for the gastric-ly altered, at least I think so.  Available everywhere.  I've never noticed these products before, so it's new to me.


1982, originally uploaded by Melting Mama.

Bariatric Radio Today.

Today's broadcast, the first caller discusses her issues with transferring her food addiction to $pending money.  She sounded absolutely broken.   Are you out there, lady? 

The second caller - Rebecca.  (Rebecca, I recognized your voice immediately!)  She wanted to know more about information regarding eating organically after WLS.  She's made some serious life-changes, more than me, anyhow - and wants to know more about finding healthy organic proteins, not from bars, I assume... at this stage.  (Good post idea!)

Bitching for Bars.

I am down to half a box of protein bars, just the big ginormous "Baby Ruth" (as someone googled yesterday) ISS Oh Yeah Chocolate Caramel Bars. 

Yesterday, on my way home, I was staaaaaaahvin', and wanted my stand-by bars.  I headed to GNC, because, that's the only option other than online.  So, again, I deal with the Idiot Woman there.  But!  This time?  I think I was in the presence of a GNC buyer or something - because there was a man who cared about the product I was asking for!  He even wrote down SKU's and wanted to know "more?"   He was not an employee of this store - he was definitely looking at things from a buyer's standpoint in terms of shelf-space and sales. 

I mentioned that I had been seeking to buy boxes of ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers, (among others, including ones my husband wanted) and if they had been available in the several visits I had made to this, the most local store, they would have had several big sales.  Even at their inflated prices, I would have purchased them, because they were there.  He was intrigued by this and kept promising that he would get them and blah blah blah.  The Woman Who Freaked Out Last Time then said she could "take down my phone number and call me when they're in?"  I didn't - I told her I'm "around" and would check back.  Bah.  They're still, more expensive there!  I bought four packs of the wafers - at $1.99 each, and two Ostrim sticks, which I haven't had in a while.

But, anyways - I loved that this guy was ast least pretending to listen and not shuffling me out.  Had he pulled out Ten! Boxes! I'd have dug my freaking credit card out and bought 'em all.  I'm an addict.


Retail price: $18.81
Our price: $10.79

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Item Number: IR 113977
Package Description:   9.00 Packet
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Number of Servings: 9.00


Oh Yeah Protein Wafer Bars  Description
9 Packages

$19.99 $12.49
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Vitamin Shoppe:

ISS Research Oh Yeah Protein Wafer Vanilla Creme  9 Wafers

26% off

ISS Research

List Price: $18.81





  • Didn't.


  • ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers
  • 6 oz skim milk/latte
  • 1 scoop Body Fortress Vanilla Protein Powder/Strawberry smoothie
  • 1 scoop Body Fortress Vanilla Protein Powder/Pineapple smoothie
  • 1 cup chicken veggie rice soup
  • 2 Lindt Truffles
  • 1 light string cheese



  • 166 lbs.


  • 6 oz skim milk in latte
  • 1/2 ISS Oh Yeah Chocolate + Caramel Protein Bar
  • (Crashed right about here...felt the need for sugar so...)
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder in pineapple/fruit smoothie
  • 1 light string cheese
  • 1/2 ISS Oh Yeah Chocolate + Caramel Protein Bar
  • 1 flax tortilla + 1 slice baby swiss +salsa
  • (Dumping now, great!)
  • 1 flax tortilla + 1 slice baby swiss + mustard.  (Of course, repeat that poop, right?)



Tristan has finally started pulling up to stand much like me in the above photo. In fact, today, she was practicing it over and over and fell asleep in her crib in a sitting up position.


Freshly loaded.

toddlerbeth, originally uploaded by Melting Mama.

My mother uploaded photo evidence of my youth. Apparently I got chubby at age nine. Oh boy.

Power Crunch Bars Re-Re-Review, Again.

Ladies, the definition of crazy?  Something about doing something repeatedly and expecting different results, right?  Uh, okay. 

Blame it on the fact that they were free, and, that I have no more ISS bars, but... I ate half a Power Crunch Bar last night.  I got two freebie Power Crunch Bars in the "Lap-Band For Everybody" bag at the Walk From Obesity.  Both, Cinnamon Bun flavor.  Last night -looking for a snack, I went for a protein wafer and found none.  I searched every cabinet, and found all of the bars that my husband buys for himself, and none. of. mine.  Because, remember?  He EATS MY BARS!  He secretly loves them more than any stupid South Beach Fart Bar that he buys himself.  So, I check the "snack door."  There sits two fresh Power Crunch Bars.  I think to myself, well, I didn't die LAST time I tried one?  I dumped really badly, but, I'm still alive.  Couldn't hurt, right?   How about just a bite?  How about one half a bar?  Okay - one half, but that's it. 

So I unwrapped one corner of the bar, and ate a bite. It had no smell, I was expected a cinnamon aroma.   The texture - pasty and chemically.  I do not know what the hell my problem is with these bars.  Nasty.  So, I ate three bites and threw the damn thing in the trash.  I knew, that if I ate the whole thing - I'd be sick.  So, I felt a little less guilty about wasting a $2.00 freebie protein bar. 

I've tried these things repeatedly for years - because!  The Are The Gold Standard! (I guess?) for us post WLS'ers for a easily digestible protein food.  Not for me.  Every time I eat one - I have a reaction.  It's an intense instant dumping - followed by a wacky blood sugar swoosh.  It's almost the same sort of reaction I get from ingesting refined sugar straight up.  But, whatever.  Ugh.  I have another bar in the cabinet, I'll pass it on to my SIL, she's not a "dumper."

Wide loads. We're all a bunch of wide loads.

One of the reasons I should have had my camera working at the walk yesterday?  Because, I may have said - "I will blog you" to some ass hat man. 

Picture us, walking ever so nicely, albeit slowly, with two strollers and children scattered about.  Some sweaty dude comes jogging up behind us, and Just Announces that "You could just take up the whole sidewalk!"  Thanks, dickwad, we did!  Here I am - wishing I had heard him say it before he passed us up, so I could trip the jerkoff.  Unnecessary.

Another - worse - unnecessary moment?!  Someone's husband had to sit out - due to injury.  No reasons needed, it hurt, he sat.  Whatever.  A person came straight up to him and asked him: 

"Don't you think you should be up doing this walk?" 

Oh no, did you just say that?  He... was calm, cool and collected, whereas I May Not Have Been As Nice.  Just LET someone say something to me like that. 

People just suck these days, they do.  Regardless of size, they suck.

The Rules!

This traffic?!  To pick apples?

Every single parent/child combination went to pick apples today.

Approximately 360ish days ago, we went apple picking. 

I don't know why - but we returned to the same location today.  The "Rules" Farm!  You have got to see the rules to believe it.  This is the same farm I complained about last year.


Everything. was. labeled. with signs.


Do you love that?  Excepted?  Oh lawd.



STRICTLY! ENFORCED!  As we were also accosted for starting to wander near a orange caution tape that probably indicated NO PICKING THESE ONES, BITCHES!

The woman who wanted me to leave my stroller with her - so that I Did Not Steal Apples! snapped this shot for us.  I am faking a smile, entirely, because I was pissed off.


I did not leave anything with her, I just picked an apple and ate it in front of her instead.  Actually, we all did.  Tristan may have eaten three.







A new love! ISS Oh Yeah Vanilla Caramel Bars!

While out shopping yesterday, I popped into GNC to see if they had my crack.  Asking the insane woman who seems to be there every. single. time.  I shop, "Might you have any of the other ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers out back, boxed?  If you do - I will take one of each, please, except the peanut butter."  This woman, (no lie!) scoots out to the shelves and starts freaking out, "Well, ifwehadmore, whichIknowwedon't, they'd be rightherewhereyoucansee, don'tyousee?"  I look at her, thinking to myself, Give me a break.  It's impossible to shop in this location because she acts all cah-raazylike.

So, anyways - I pick up one. bar.  (She woulda had a quick one hundred dollar sale, had she found me the ****ing bars.)

This, a new flavor of the bars I have at home:

"No pain, no gain should define your training - not your protein bar! So reward your workout with the gooey, sweet taste of OhYeah!®. Containing 26-28 grams of muscle-building protein, heart-healthy fats, low sugar and absolutely no trans fats in a bar that's nothing short of amazing. More than just another flavorless brick, OhYeah!® looks and eats like a real candy bar that's so good you'll know how it got its name. OhYeah!® - It's that good!®"



Chocolate & Caramel Nutrition Facts
Peanut Butter & Caramel Nutrition Facts
PB & Strawberry Nutrition Facts
Creamy Vanilla & Caramel Nutrition Facts
Vanilla Toffee Fudge [Coming Soon] Nutrition Facts

It's better than the Chocolate + Caramel.  Better.  I heart the chocolate ones, but... I love vanilla in a protein bar, because nobody does it.  This is a gigantic white thick, chewy, nutty bar, that you could never possibly finish in one sitting.  Actually, I'm good with a bite here and there, which is all I'm having until it's gone, in place of a bite here and there of non-nutritive junk I might pick at instead.  That, and these bars are so filling, you can't overdo it.  That's a big deal for grazers like me - and some of my peers who may overindulge in easily digestible protein bars or simple carbs because they are just that, easily down and you feel "fine" after eating them.  Someone like me should really only be licking and gnawing at a side of beef , rather than what I want to do like, cheese and bread, all day long.

And, I must tell you, that I AM NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS, really.  I know I pimp the ISS a lot, but... I love this stuff.  I don't like many things.  I'm very picky.  My picky ass loves all of the lower-sugar varieties of ISS Research Proteins.  I'm sharing this with you because I actually purchase and love the stuff.  (I am generally not compelled to blog about items I do not enjoy.)