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Wednesday - and crash.

Dymatize Elite Oats 'N More Instant Protein Oatmeal.

I just finished a nice hour long walk - and - lo and behold, I'm hungry.  Very much so.  I started picking through the kitchen looking for something healthy to fill me up and I started to consider making a protein shake when I found those, which I forgot I had.  I know, me?  Forget oatmeal!  Easy, I never "liked" it - until the past few months when I realized what I am missing out on.

This ain't your mama's oatmeal, ladies.  This is serious protein oatmeal.

Let me tell you something that I'm learning about food along with you.  Simple is good.   This protein packed stuff has TWO ingredients plus flavor.  Two.  Oats + Whey Protein.  S i m p l e.

The information from the company, Dymatize:

Elite Oats 'N More is exactly the kind of whole oats meal that you would expect from Dymatize Nutrition. Power packed, cutting edge, and absolutely delicious!  In each of the 7 convenient single serving pouches, you get rich, hearty oatmeal plus an added 34+ grams of our famous Elite Whey Protein. Instead of fueling up with only simple carbs, get a real start with protein and the goodness of whole oats. These oats contain high levels of Soluble Fiber, which plays an integral role in promoting a healthy body. Our 5 mouth-watering flavors, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Granola Crunch, Apple Spice, Sunrise Cocoa, and Banana Nut make Elite Oats 'N More a welcome and healthy treat each day.

How often can you get a truly beneficial hot meal on a busy morning? Every day! A single serving can be ready in less than a minute! So, get a Dymatize start on the day and power up with Elite Oats N' More for breakfast or anytime!

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So, my review?

It's 270 calories for the entire 72 gram packet, of which Beth cannot finish.  I am full now, and I have probably six bites left.  I'd say I ate about 200 calories worth, and if you gave me a couple of moments I'll finish it.  It's super filling, much more so than a protein shake, which is what I was going to have this morning. The Elite Oats 'N More contains 36 grams of high-quality whey protein, which we need as WLS'ers.  It's just oats and protein.

So simple it's amazing I didn't know about this stuff before. I ripped open the packet to find an ample serving of whole grain oats and protein powder.  It smelled good,  sweet and of cinnamon.  I followed the package instructions and added water, and heated it.  I added a bit more water than most people probably would, because I prefer a smoother consistency with my small stomach pouch, it sits better.

When heated too long - it gets hard - don't overheat it.  30 seconds will do.  Just sayin'.  :x

So, after I screwed up, I opened a new packet - the Apple Spice flavor - and Oh My Gawd, the smell!  Real apples!  Love!  I didn't microwave this batch, I just added instant-hot water from my Spring Water dispenser,  mixed well, and voila - yummy. I'm very happy with the Dymatize Elite Oats 'N More.  In fact, I'm going to buy more, because I think this is going to be a sensible go-to food for me when I'm super hungry and going after the graze monster.

  • Item: Dymatize Elite Oats 'N More, Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon (and, Apple Spice!)
  • Price:  $11.99 for 7 packets at Bodybuilding, link above.  I got it as a sample.
  • Purchased at: Sample from Dymatize.
  • Rating: 8 out of 10. Pros: Holy protein!  Sugar free.  Filling.  Two. ingredients.  Protein!  Cute little bag it comes in.  (Can be used as a portable bowl with hot water.  Dude.
  • Cons: Can't overcook it.  :x

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