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Surgery Flame Wars.

I posted this on Obesity Help this morning, after seeing many many posts regarding the entire "My weight loss surgery procedure is better than yours" saga drag on and on. Frankly, I do not understand it at all. Why do any of us feel the need to promote our surgery, the fact that we "needed" it or - that it's the "best"? It's unsettling, to say the least, that any of us feel like we should sell this entire WLS as a lifestyle to CRAVE. It ain't. The post: I could care less who's surgery is so much wicked cooler... Read more

countdown is on.

so happy he could..., originally uploaded by Melting Mama. ..two days, one panni, two thighs and - a coupla thousands of dollars, and he's a new man. I posted on MySpace: My husband is having surgery on Wednesday, no, nothing is wrong - it's totally cosmetic, he's lost 200 pounds, and that leaves you kinda looking like a raisin. He's getting a few things fixed and will be sporting a six pack by Thursday. (I kid. Really, he's going to resemble more like an, um, stuffed date rather than raisin.) So, why do I share this? Because. He could use... Read more

Once again resolving not to resolve anything.

I remember writing my "goodbye 2006" post last year at this time, with this: "2007 had better be an improvement. I can't predict the future, but I've got a positive outlook on the coming year. I'm a cynical person by nature, and I always find the negative about a situation, but... this year Has To Be Better, damn it. So. Come on 2007. Bring it." I'm glad to go back and re-read and see that I did not make A Single Resolution for 2007. Because, if I had? I am sure I would have completely mucked it up and not... Read more

S'bux introducing "Skinny" Drinks. 'Bout Time.

We've been ordering them for years, you know, the Nonfat Sugar-Free No Whip Whatever Just Order The Stupid Thing And Move On Drinks? Starbucks is finally adjusting their menu boards and adding "skinny" items right next to the five hundred calorie Frappuccinos. From Yahoo: Just in time for the New Year, Starbucks helps customers keep their resolutions without sacrificing flavor with the introduction of the “Skinny” platform, a nonfat Latte made with sugar-free syrup. Bringing the sugar-free syrups to the forefront of the menu, Starbucks is adding a new sugar-free syrup flavor -- Mocha -- to the already sweet selection... Read more

I'm no good at this.

I hate that holiday get-togethers must revolve around food. I never know what to make, because I don't really ever "cook" anymore. My life is so detached from food and eating for fun that this part really sucks. I want to be festive and make Fun! Festive! Yummy! things, but I don't want to smell them, look at them, eat them nor get sick from them and then later, crash from them. My holidays and such have become something to NOT look forward to, because of all the food I have to deal with. It's like being an alcoholic, isn't... Read more

Glenny's 100 Calorie Brownies.

Brownies aren't supposed to be 100 calories. They are supposed to be very high in calories, and fat, and sugar, and they're supposed to help you get wicked fat. (Or, at least, they helped me to do so.) Imagine my surprise when I found a product from that not only read "BROWNIE" on the label - but - 100 Calorie?! No way. Not. possible. Apparently, it is, and it's got simple ingredients: INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Cocoa, Organic Soy Flour, Organic AA Butter, Organic Milk Chocolate Chips (organic sugar, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cocoa butter, soy lecithin),... Read more

do you mean well? do you do the right thing?

Re: The crazy MF from a few days ago. No sign of him since the episode, but his manager came in today and didn't even ask how I might be considering he triggered that event the other day. I thought for certain the MF's manager would at least apologize, you know, for causing me to be threatened, but he was too busy being happy. Like I told someone today - this kind of thing just reaffirms my lack of trust in anyone in a middle management capacity over peons, especially of the retail type. I always like to see the... Read more

Cocoon-ing soon.

As part of his pre-op testing, Bob had a CAT scan on Christmas Eve, to check out his "hernia" and also a funky cyst that he's been sporting for years and years. The results came back today... ...and, in a slightly ADD moment here, in this month's issue of Men's Health - in the Malegrams section in the back page, there was a statistics thingie that stated so many out of so many men will blog all personal information except numbers... that's sort of like this, isn't it? I'm here telling you about cysts + pannuses, panni, pannus-es? Oh, whatever.... Read more

Santa Came. Was it good for you?

For the Giftsmas Celebraters: Okay, push Jesus aside, and fahgeddaboud the Food Orgies you may have had. What did you get? You do know, It's All About The Materialism, Baby! Whaddayget? Huh? Huh? What's yer favorite? I got mostly gift carded again. (I must be one of "those" hard to shop for people. I didn't realize I was.) I suppose it's probably impossible, to pick out things related to food or kitchens, because I could really care less about food or kitchens, or to find clothes, because I can't fit in anything normal, so the normal sort of "buy her... Read more

Fess up.

How did we fare yesterday and the day afore dat? Did anybody find themselves under a pile of refined baked carbohydrates, begging the day to be over? In actuality, it wasn't all that bad this year. This was my third post weight loss surgery Jesus Birthday Party - and I didn't do that much damage. My appetite was sort of stunted this year, due to my hypoglycemia issues. I could have eaten all of it - and how! - but I am so terrified of crashing and not realizing when I'm entering the danger zone and being unsafe, so I've... Read more

p e a c e.

We're piled under way too many packages - and I've eaten too many creamed onions. But, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I didn't send out cards this year, to anybody, at all - nor did I do much of anything, but.. we're all alive + well and that's what counts, long after the cards have been thrown in the trash and the gifts are in the return pile. Peace to you and yours in 2008, from us to you. Thanks for being here. Read more

Read it quick, it's likely to be deleted within moments.

I got a little surprise this yesterday (I edited this) morning. I served a woman a smoothie - and she mentions something that makes me go, "What?!" She referred to the blog - and I'm all "What the? Who? How do you?" Then I realize, this is a reader of the blawg. I'm visibly embarrassed, this person knows me, and I haven't an idea who she is. She was very sweet, and I got her email address. Thank you for visiting and being sane, because... my day went to hell later, so I appreciate normalcy. Thank you. :) What happened?... Read more

A "Weighty Secret" blog comment I have to post here.

Have you been to Weighty Secrets yet? This comment was received on a post there last night - and I had to cross post it here. Comment: Search for any wls blogs or stories or even posters on wls boards from post ops more than two or three years out...they are virtually non-existant. Nobody posts on boards more than 2 years post op. Blogs are abandoned at two years out. The surgery has a honeymoon and people still in that period tend to get very emotional about defending it. Once the regain, ruptures, complications and malabsorption side effects take over,... Read more

Long ago, and not so far away...

..I worked for a local coffee shop chain. I was sixteen going on seventeen. (Did you just sing that, too?) Fast forward eleven (OMG!) years later, and I'm sitting on the couch watching TV - when a commercial comes on and makes me GAG on my, uh, coffee. It's a middle aged blonde woman, looking seductively over her pink cup, asking: "Who's keeping you warm this winter?" Say, wha? I go online, to the coffee shop's website - to see if I can't show you the commercial, since most of y'all don't live here. That particular one isn't but these... Read more

But, the fudge just jumped right out in front of me! I swear!

It occurred to me today that I did not blog last night. Could it have been that I decided to bake something and fell into a pit of flour and dry drowned in carbohydrates? No, never, a lady wouldn't get into a pile of flour, sugar and buttah and make her husband bring home a mixer because she realized the old hand held mixer was broken, and that she's left with a giant vat of not-just-yet mixed cookie dough? Paula Deen might, but, Beth, no, NEVER. Okay, so I did. Shoot me. Shoot the girl who can't have carbohydrates because... Read more

A realization.

Oh crap. I forgot about this part of the year. School is out today - for a week. And they don't go back until next year! And, as soon as the little beasts go back to school, Bob is having his belly lopped off and will be a miserable baby. (He's a boy, boys are like that.) Then, as soon as he's stopped whining, he's back to work, and my belly (And boobies, maybe! maybe! maybe! They've got me penciled in for the time slot. I've got a few bucks. Got spare change? Seriously, I might be able to swing... Read more


Weight 162. Harrumph. Ate ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers (210) 4 oz organic soy milk, 2 oz espresso + water x's 2 (100) ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers (210) 1/3 cup shelled soy beans, 1 oz ricotta salata + 1 low carb flax tortilla (250ish) No crashes today, so far - with these foods. So. There. (For now.) Thing is, it's always different. More ricotta salata (200) The Yummiest Protein Shake I've had in, well, forever: MM's Berries + Cream Shake 1 scoop BSN Lean Dessert Whipped Vanilla Protein 1 handful frozen whole blackberries 1 handful frozen strawberries 1 oz... Read more

Wrapping it up.

(That's my niece, hiding from me at a holiday party last weekend. I sorta wanna hide too, Santa's Coming!) If you've been 'round, you know I don't really dig Christmas. It's too much, all around, excess. The spending of money that no one really has, the gifting of presents that no one really needs or wants (with a few exceptions, some people are exceptionally good at picking out and gifting, like my mother, which reminds me - a review is coming of something she gave me) and The Stress! Me, not so much - I don't stress. (Note: Much of... Read more