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Special K Chocolatey Delight Cereal Review

This review may not be suitable for many of my post gastric bypass'ers.  Why?  Because, the following food is probably NOT on your plan, but... I do have folks that read the blog that are following more typical diets and eating plans, in which - they might be more likely to eat things like...

Special K Chocolatey Delight Cereal.  Nuff said.

No, really, I do have to write about it.  I wasn't going to.  Because.

But, I was just reminded of it from an ad on Yahoo Health.

(And they say advertising isn't effective.  Ha.  I bought a box of the stuff BECAUSE I saw that ad that discussed replacing your nighttime snack with the cereal, blah blah blah.)

I bought the Chocolatey Delight a while back - frankly - just to review it.  I figured if it were any good, I could perhaps slip it in the cabinet as a go-to snack for my husband and the kids, because overall, it's a low calorie choice, and probably better for them than what they might choose, like, cookies.  (Which I do not purchase, but they end up in there anyways likegingerbreadmenthatarrivedyesterdaystopbuyingcrapBOB!)

Big Mistake.  I will not buy it again, because I would have my hand in that box all day long.  Initially, I took a few bites, because cereal is generally a instant dump food for me, and I try not to provoke that on purpose, yanno.  It Is Delicious.  Absolutely.

You get the basic Special K Flakes, which are, pretty decent (even if they make me want to die) and Then!  Little chunklets of a nearly-realistic chocolate?!  WTF?!  Like Britney Spears says, "for real are you kidding me?"

Kellogg's describes the cereal as:  "crunchy rice and wheat flakes, with chocolatey pieces." 

Chocolatey isn't a word, but it is the word we need to describe the chunklets of sugary love in this cereal.

I knew, after taking my requisite "Three Bites!" that it was a mistake, I would want more.  I loved it.  So, the box was destined for the back of the cabinet where I keep the cereals, behind the Kashi + oatmeal.  If I wanted more, I'd have to dig past the good for me stuff to get it.  Luckily for my digestion, I did forget about it, and the kids ate the remainder quite contentedly. 

My daughter is all, "You need us to eat this cereal, with CHOCOLATE in it?  I'm sure we can arrange that."

Anyways!  On to the nutrition!
I shouldn't have to be the one to tell you that it's not that great for you.  Just scan the ingredients!  Hello?  A couple of carbs coated in various sugars.  (Hence the reason it's NO good for someone like ME.)  Forget about adding cow pus to these, because, well... ick.

The only reason I consider it any good for anyone - is due to the fact that it is a low calorie choice that contains chocolate, and it would be a suitable REPLACEMENT for worser-er foods that you might consider, like, a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV at night.  It's a lesser of two evils, but it's nowhere close to being a health food.  It's a step up from that chocolate chip cookie, but ten steps below that bowl of, well, oatmeal.

Available everywhere.  You don't need me to tell you how to find it - if it's sugar and crack - you'll find it.  I'm sorry to share.  Should I feel guilty now?  Crap.

  • Item:  Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey Delight
  • Price:  About $3.50, purchased at Super Wal*Mart
  • Pros:  Chocolate! In! Cereal! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!  Low calorie choice for sugar-coated carbs.
  • Cons:  Carbs, covered in sugar!  Makes some gastric bypass'ers want to rip their digestion out of their bodies.  Too tempting and leads to the debbil via the easily digestible carbs route.
  • Rating:  For WLS'ers: 3 out of 5, if only as a go to emergency chocolate fix.  For The General Dieter:  Eh.  3 out of 5.
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