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Bill proposed in Mississippi: To "prohibit from serving food to any person who is obese."

Somehow, I don't think this is going to go well:

Mississippi Legislature
2008 Regular Session House Bill  282

Description:  Food establishments; prohibit from serving food to any person who is obese.

Background Information:
   Disposition:    Active
   Deadline:   General Bill/Constitutional Amendment
   Revenue:   No
   Vote type required:   Majority
   Effective date:   July 1, 2008

History of Actions:
   1   01/25 (H) Referred To Public Health and Human Services;Judiciary B

----- Additional Information -----

House Committee:  Public Health and Human Services*, Judiciary B

Principal Author:  Mayhall
Additional Authors:  Read, Shows


From Joslin: Managing Hypoglycemia When Driving.

This is an article I found in the Joslin Newsletter.  While I can't drive NOW until we figure out why I'm having seizures - I have been following these rules when I did.

Special challenges arise when driving with diabetes
For some people with type 1 diabetes, and some with type 2, (Beth adds, some with reactive hypoglycemia UNRELATED to diabetes also!) driving requires extra care. Unexpected hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can cause you to feel dizzy, shaky, or disoriented. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your diabetes so that you can enjoy the freedom driving can bring.

Planning helps everyone with diabetes
Whether you’re a person with type 1 diabetes who has managed it for years or are newly diagnosed, you should have a plan for dealing with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when you’re driving. This means talking with your healthcare team about what kind of special precautions you should take.

People with Type 2 diabetes are also at risk
Concern about hypoglycemic reactions while driving aren’t relegated to people with type 1 diabetes—those with type 2 diabetes who take sulfonylureas including glyburide and glipizide are also at risk. That’s because this class of oral medications works to increase the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. If you’re not sure whether you take any of these medications, ask your healthcare team.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, knowing what to do about your blood glucose (sugar) when you are driving is essential in order to avoid dangerous situations for both yourself, and other drivers on the road.

  • Know before you go. Test your blood sugar every time you get behind the wheel. If your blood glucose is under 80, treat it with fifteen grams of carbohydrate, like a small juice box or snack bar. If your blood sugar is normal and you feel fine, you’re good to go.
  • Stay in tune with your body. If you start to feel confused or shaky, pull over immediately and test your blood sugar. Treat low blood sugar using the 15/15 rule—fifteen grams of carbohydrate, and testing fifteen minutes later. Do not start driving until your symptoms have gone away.
  • Stock your car with (healthy) snacks. Always keep a supply of fast-acting snacks in your car. Juice boxes, snack bars—anything that you can grab when you have an episode of hypoglycemia.
  • Wear a medical bracelet. Anything that identifies you as a person with diabetes-- whether it is a necklace, bracelet, or otherwise—is absolutely essential in case there is an emergency.
  • Protect your glucose meter. If you have a separate glucose meter for monitoring your glucose while driving, remember to take it out of the car when it is either very cold or hot—extreme temperatures damage your meter, and decrease its ability to give accurate glucose readings.

I just had another seizure, I think.

(I re-wrote this, because I realized it was garbled.)

I just found myself lying in bed, can't find my glasses (found them later in the kitchen, next to the stove) with a painful bump on my head. 

I don't recall going downstairs to bed, at all.

I came to, laying in bed, with my glasses missing. (I'm blind as a bat, I never take them off.)  I called for Bob, I think I said, "Bob are you there?  Are you going to work?" because it seemed "late" and he wasn't in bed.  I couldn't recall any of the morning previous, until I came upstairs and got my bearings.

Last thing I recall was being on the phone, and getting ready to make a cup of miso broth, Tristan was in bed for her nap.  I had eaten 2 cups of baby mixed greens, 1 oz mozzarella and Walden Farms Zero Cal dressing, so blood sugar should not be a cause for this.  I don't know what I was doing just before, but I had been online and cleaning up, and the dishwasher was running and finished when I got up here.

I called the hospital, three hours ago.  It's 1pm, I called them at just before 11am.  They told me to wait for a phone call.  Again, there's nothing I can do.  What really sucks, is that I am scheduled for the EEG the day after tomorrow, why couldn't it have waited? 

Also, I had just finished writing about January Wanting Me Dead, no?!

I had an episode last night.

I ate miserably yesterday, and while I figured I would have a super-low blood sugar in the middle of the day, it didn't materialize, but I am willing to bet that is because I grazed all day long.  The cotton pony is saddlin' up and leavin' town - so I'm over being hungry.  I'm not one to ever blame The Curse Of Womanhood for causing me to eat carbohydrates, but this week certainly seemed like a case of the menstrual munchies.  Combining that with my stress level since January 2008 wants me dead - I'm lucky that I am not over 200 pounds this morning.  I mean that.

I woke up this morning, tore off a sheet from the stupid motivational daily calendar, (must have been a grab gift, I don't know why this is in my house) and read "January 31, 2008."  'Bout time ****er.  The motivation?  None.  It just says, "ACTION."  Every other day has a stupid quote, today, it's just a word? 

  1. The state or process of acting or doing:       The medical team went into action.    
  2. Something done or accomplished; a deed.
  3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective:       a problem requiring drastic action.    
  4. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process:       the action of waves on a beach; the action of a drug on blood pressure.

Okay, "action!"  Now what?

Wait, again, I started writing a post without sharing the real reason I started it.  I had an episode last night.  No, I don't remember it, I never do.  My husband said that I did the whole wacky "I need sugar, I'm sorry" bullpoop and then I did the low-pitched whistling.  (Which is what I did right before that grand mal seizure, and which I've done many times without seizing.)  He said he "waited for a seizure, but nothing happened," so he went back to bed.  He hasn't witnessed that in a few weeks at least.

I guarantee that it doesn't happen when the EEG gets glued to my brain on Saturday morning.

Plan of action?

Out of the mouths of brats:

"Mama, I love your food baby.  Let me feel your food baby."

She's on to something.  Liquids, they are a coming.  I know, after the last post about numbers and such, here I am saying, "Diet!"  But, you need to know, if I let go, I let go, and allow poop to crawl right back into my daily intake.  Part of being a WLS'er is having to cut back every now and then and regain control over your input.  Although it pains to write that considering I'm watching at least two of my peers deal with horrible eating disorders post weight loss surgery.


But, really - I forgot that I had actual updates - I was distracted by the kid calling me fat.  (Don't ask what dinner was.)

So.  Friday - I am headed to Joslin for a follow-up with Dr. Patti, and I *think* an adrenal function test.

after I eat.

So.  Saturday - back up to Boston, for the installation of The Sexay-est Head Geah Evah.  I get to wear all weekend, or, until I can get BACK up there with no car to remove from my head.  Once this contraption is back on - I'm All About Provoking A Seizure.  Bring me Redbull, Fudge, Dance Dance Revolution and A Strobe Light.


Also, sleep deprivation, and a sick babe helps, I diagnosed her with an ear infection last night, and paid $25.00 for the on call doctor to diagnose it for me this afternoon, and she's been a boogery witch.



We're fine.  The truck?  Not so much.

The insurance company "totaled" the truck.  Now please hope that things work out that I can get another good vehicle.  The bank note will be paid first, and then they cut us a check for the remainder of it's worth.  This was a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 5.7L, but a very standard version. (Beth doesn't really know cars, so deal with my description.)  She's (the truck was a girl) a goner now.

I forgot to grab the air freshener.  It was my favorite, even with no smell.  It read:  "Loose, fast and out of control," with a retro woman smoking a cigarette.  Well, in the end it was out of control, but, sort of slow. 

I took Bob by the yard today where I went off the road, and he was all, "What. The. Hell?  I thought you said you got stuck on a rock-wall!?"  I did - but - the wall was a decorative retaining wall that happened to be a few feet from a house, which was also about 75 feet from the road I spun off of.  As we looked at the yard, we realized that I was really lucky, considering I missed crashing full-force into three stationary objects, first I killed a big evergreen tree, then, I hit the oak tree and kept sliding, and ended up on TOP of the rock wall. 

We went to remove the plates and check the truck for any leftover personal belongings, and the bags of missing grocery items I still can't find.  I don't know how we lost several bags of food and household stuff, but it pisses me off because I spent $280.00 that day on prescriptions, food, baby stuff and non-perishable things, and I've lost about $100.00 worth of items between the crash - moving things to another vehicle and here.  Someone told me to itemize the losses for the insurer - but the insurance company told me to stuff it - they don't cover personal property.  Whatever, it's no biggie, I just hate that I lost this stuff, I paid for it with my own money, damn it!

Anyhow - I do not know how long this part takes, paying the bank, releasing the title - and getting money towards another vehicle.  I still need a car large enough to tote around myself and four kids at the minimum, and ultimately to fit two adults, four kids and $250.00 worth of groceries at times.  The truck was just big enough with the quad cab to do just that, but I hated the wasted space of the bed, which we never used, except while camping.  I DESPISE mini-vans, and would prefer to never see one again, but - of course they have the seating part covered.  I would prefer something heavy-duty again, with enough seating for everybody that used less gas, but doesn't make us feel like clowns stuffed in a clown car.  A hybrid, would be ultimate, you know, if I had $40,000 growing out of my butt.


I know most of my readers are at work.  I know the page should be somewhat SFW, yes?  Would a slightly risque ad make you shut the site down and run? 

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Product Review

Kashi kicks all other cereals asses.  I'm sorry if I offend your wimpy Special K.  They do.  Short of Fiber One Honey Crunch, Kashi is The King Queen Of Healthy Carb-o-liciousness Breakfasts.

"Woven into the center of our organic wheat biscuits is a fusion of warm, spicy organic cinnamon and organic evaporated cane juice crystals. Baked together, these crunchy bite-sized biscuits will kindle your senses and satisfy your healthy side. With the goodness of over 20% of your daily fiber and over 2/3 of your daily recommended whole grain intake*, what’s not to love?"

  •   47g whole grains
  •   High fiber      
  •   Low fat         
  •   Sodium free      
  •   USDA Organic—Certified Organic by Quality assurance International

  * Nutritionists recommend eating at least 3 servings of whole grain products daily (about 16g whole grain/serving or 48g/day).

I don't have much to add, except, OMG LOLZ I lurve teh Kashi pillowz of pyur yumz!  I mean it. 

You guys know I am Not A Fan Of The Milk, or - the Elmer's School Glue used in the photography of cereal boxes.  If I am going to eat a cereal product, it must taste good NAKIE!  This Cinnamon Harvest, is one of those Tastes Good Naked (probably while naked, also, 'cept the shreds might crumble and get stuck in your bellybutton) Cereals - that happens to be super-healthy for you and the kids.  I had a box of these love pillows in the back of the cereal cabinet, and I pulled 'em out during The Great Mom Purge of, well, yesterday.  I put them out for the kids, hoping I'd have a taker - but - Dad + Mom ate them for last night's snack.

Dad says, "Wow, these are really good.  They're like, really, really good."  There you have it.  Now before you go buy them because I said they're "good," you need to know the nutrition stats.

Ingredients:   Organic Whole Wheat, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Cinnamon, Natural Cinnamon Flavor.  How much simpler can THAT be?

(My only concern, the sugar content.  It's got 9 grams of sugar, from cane juice, be aware if you're a roux-en-y gastric bypass'er, you may dump from this if you eat an entire serving or more.  NOT POSSIBLE!  FILLING!  :)  My suggestion?  Bag up half-servings in snack baggies, or measure your snacks appropriately, and eat with a touch of protein.  For any wacky reactive hypoglycemics like me - be careful - but this didn't seem to bother me.)

Item-  Kashi Organic Promise Cinnamon Harvest Cereal
Price-  Uh.  I bought it a long time ago, I can't recall.
Purchased-  Super Wal-Fart, who has a growing amount of natural/organics, so shut up.
Pros-  Smells like lovin' from the oven, sparkly bits of crystallized cane juice, FIBERFIBERFIBER!
Cons-  Gets stuck in your privates if you eat naked?  9 grams of sugar.

Whistle whilst you work.

Tuesday, January 28, 2008

  • 6am- 1/2 serving Kashi Shredded Wheat
  • 9am-  2 cups field greens, 1T asiago cheese, 1T sliced raw almonds, 2T fat free blue cheese dressing
  • 10:30am-  2 Dr. Cracker Seed Crackers, 1 slice provolone cheese
  • 11:30am-  1/2 slice low carb cheese cake
  • 12:45pm- Sugar dropping.  Crap.  So much for LOW CARB cheesecake lunch.  Felt symptoms and tested early, 73 mg.
  • 1pm-  ISS Oh Yeah Protein Wafers

As annoying as I've ever been?

This could be worser. 

Because, I'm stuck in the house - with no end in sight - because I'm a Mystery Diagnosis, and I have no wheels.  So, do yourself a favor and unsubscribe now. 

Yesterday, one full day in the house, and last night's meeting with the nutrition/exercise group for the kids was enough wallowing.  I found myself scavenging for snacks, with instant boredom.  I even made a pot of soup, hoping that would kill the urge to pick-pick-pick, and it did, but, uh, no.   Being home never works for a picker.  I may have eaten a lovely Fiber One Bar as a snack, but then, "they're so tasty - let's have one later!" You can see how this dissolves good habits immediately - as I lose track of input.  I over-do everything, even the good stuff.  It doesn't help that I'm riding the cotton pony and that makes me want to chew a side of a cow I'm so hungry. 

The scale tells me these things - and I'm still up, up, up. 

This is my "comfort zone" this 160-165 place.  I can basically eat on demand and this is the size I am, no matter WHAT.  No matter if low carb cheesecake comes into play, it's a flex up and down five pounds from this spot. 

It translates to an average of 1,200 - 1,800 calories per day, depending.  But, thing is?  I'm overweight at this size and it's not where I want or need to be, duh.  Problem is, to lose, I have to cut back so much with my screwy system.  For me to maintain What I'm Supposed To Weigh, it's probably going to have to be 1,000 calories per day or less and super amounts of exercise.  (Did you watch the video I posted below this?!) 

I guess what I'm saying is, I'll NEVER be What I'm Supposed To Weigh, without starving + exercising, i.e. a la eating disorder. 

If my choices are eating somewhat normally and staying fat OR starving and exercising to excess, I'll take chubby.  I do know, that if I took up exercise in a more loving fashion (I hate it hate it hate it hate it) I would be ABLE TO EAT the way I do - AND be less of a chub, bonus!  I need to burn my low carb cheesecake calories to eat them, too. 

What am I getting at?  I need to move my ass.  I need to feel better to MOVE my ass, but I know moving my ass releases feel-good chemicals in the body which might help me feel less anemic and Mystery Diagnosis-y.

I don't know how - but I'll find a way to do it, because, I'd prefer to be a less chubby former fat girl who can still eat cheese cake.


Six hours into my complete house "arrest."

This, my friends, is going to suck big hairy donkey balls.  Beth does not like being stuck at home, even if she has nowhere she has to go.

Bob went back to work today, gauze pads in tow for his leaking legs, and What A Coincidence - I've no longer got a vehicle.  Wait, you didn't know?  Scroll back two posts. 

For the sake of blogging only, because I know other people love to read/watch disasters in progress (and, because, I really do still have my wits) let's review my last few weeks:

I don't want sympathy.  I feel fine and I need ideas.  I must get the bills paid, yo. 

PS.  On the flip-side, Tristan has the diaper rash from hell, and she likes eating animal crackers all morning Lean Cuisine for lunch, with a nakey bum.

PPSS.  It just occurred to me that you'll think I'm now officially nuts because of this car issue.  Um, no.

Play a country song backwards. (For me, please?)

$81.50 or 26 gallons of gas in the tank this morning.
Driving the truck for the FIRST TIME in three weeks.
Totaling it on the way home from the grocery store?

(Your life turning into a bad country song?  Yes, I still have my humor.)


"Ya wanna know what ya get when you play a country song backwards?"

Ya get your house back-
Ya get your dog back
Ya get your best friend Jack back
Ya get your truck back-
Ya get your hair back
Ya get your first and second wives back
Your front porch swing, your pretty little thing
Your bling bling bling
And a diamond ring
You get your farm and the barn
And the boat and the Harley
First night in jail with Charlie

It sounds a little crazy,
A little scattered and absurd
But that's what you get when you play a country song backwards

Well, I never heard it said quite like that
It hit me in the face
'Cause that's where I'm at
I almost fell flat on the floor-
He said
"Wait a minute, that's not all there's even more"

Ya get your mind back,
Your nerves back
Your first heart attack back
You get your pride back,
Get your life back
You get your first real love back
You get your big screen TV
A DVD and a washing machine
You get the pond and the lawn
The bail and the mower
You get to back where you don't know her

It sounds a little crazy,
A little scattered and absurd
But that's what you get when you play a country song backwards.

Yes, as the picture says, "we're fine."  The truck?  Not so much.  I guess keeping my car anonymous for the blog doesn't matter anymore, it's ****ing totaled.

What happened?

We had a snow storm this morning, and Bob fired up the truck to use it for the first time in about three weeks - and we took off to breakfast.  The roads were alright, and things seemed fine.  After breakfast and coming back home, I decided to venture out on my own to CVS and the grocery store, because Bob goes back to work tomorrow.  I even asked a kid or two to go with me, and I am so lucky nobody came.


About two miles from home, on a country road, my Dodge Ram 2500 which was in 4WD, started skidding across the street, ever-so-slowly-and-thought-my-life-was-over.

I was going about 30 MPH, on this slippery road, when I realized that the car wasn't responding to the brakes.  I could not stop.  I saw in front of me - a GIANT oak tree - and I was headed straight for it.  I guess I was able to veer just to the left of that tree, because, my truck impacted with that tree's lowest branch on the entire passenger side and roof, just missing ME. 

It happened so "slowly" - I saw every moment occur.

I was yelling at myself, "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no..."  and I thought for sure I'd get seriously hurt.

The car humped up over a stone retaining wall just feet away from a house that I've said (on many occasions) that I "loved."  (It's my favorite street.)  It balanced just "so" - but I thought it was going to flip.  I ripped the keys out and jumped out with my bag and cellphone to dial 911. 

Thanks, Verizon, for not having reception to my phone and being CUT OFF while on the phone in emergency mode.

The owner of the house came out, very calmly and nicely - and had me come in to use her phone.  She couldn't have been sweeter, considering I nearly drove into her living room.  She allowed me to use her phone to call the police.

It was deemed a weather related event, because of the icing.  I'm in no trouble, thank goodness, because - it was a true accident.

I'm home now - the truck is sitting in a lot - trashed.  There is damage everywhere - but I am so lucky - that nothing happened WHERE I was.  Had my 10 year old been in the front passenger seat where she usually is on shopping trips, she would have been hurt.  (She went at the last minute, with a friend to play today.)

Did you play the lottery today?  Somebody's luck has GOT to change.

We'll start with the good.

Snowy day!, originally uploaded by Melting Mama.

This morning, we took the kids to a local diner for breakfast, it was snowing The Biggest! Fattest! Snowflakes!

Because, later?


I went to go test my blood sugar, and I was out of strips.  Fumbled through the closet to find the FIVE CONTAINERS OF RX strips - just to realize, the PHARMACY gave me the wrong strips.  I dug up a few stray One-Touch strips, and tested.

38 mg.  I think my brain connected the number with the "feeling" of a 38, because I started shaking, losing my words and getting stupid.  I sat down with my bottle'o'glucose tablets, compulsively shoved four of them in my mouth and enjoyed the little suckers.  They tasted DAMN good to me.  All of a sudden, I WAS RAVENOUS!  These lows make me insanely hungry.  I wasn't hungry a few minutes prior, as we had just had dinner, and although I didn't eat much, it was obviously enough to trigger a bad crash.  I shredded into a pack of peanut butter crackers, which are my emergency stash for this very purpose...

...and here I sit.

Another night.  Another crises.  Argh.

Averted.  It's over.  I'm 138 mg. now.

The P.S.  What Did I Eat To Trigger This Reactive Hypoglycemia?  About four handmade tortilla chips with cheddar cheese + 1/3 cup of shredded chicken and ONE bite of my dinner, which was baby-back ribs.

Weight Watcher Ain't No Diet - But What About Points?

Yesterday, I had the horrible experience of weighing myself on a doctors scale fully dressed with my sneakers on.  As I watched the numbers rise and rise and rise, I exclaimed: 

"You can stop anytime now.  Really.  Stop, stop...stooooooooop!"

They went higher than I wanted to see.  I had to remember, that I had all my clothes on and the shoes, and it's a different scale.


The nurse says, "What's the matter?  You're down three pounds from last time."

  Because, to me, it looked a lot like 5-7 lbs. UP, and I don't like that.  But, apparently, I was over a buck seventy when I last weighed in at that office.  Oh, so I am down a bit.

I was just reading Jen's blog, where she's discussing how she's lost some weight, which caused her "Weight Watcher Points" level to also drop lower.  She and I are similar weights right now, and according to Weight Watchers, she's alloted 22 points, which translates to 1100 calories per day.  But, remember, WW isn't a diet?  1100 calories sounds a lot like a ****ing diet to me.
No wonder I don't lose weight.  Maybe I need to go on Weight Watchers' Not A Diet.

Even with my rerouted digestion, I consistently eat more than 1100 calories.  I'm 160-161 lbs right now (just weighed myself for this post), and I assume that will give me like, 20-22 "points" also, so 1000-1100 calories a day. 

But, tell me, WTF happens if I get closer to goal - do the points disappear?  Is there a point where they stop dropping?  I can't survive on much less, especially if I am to feed myself 6,8 or 10 times a day.  (I know, I'm "special," because I cannot eat a full mixed meal in one sitting, because it causes a severe hypoglycemic reaction that I try not to trigger.)  If I didn't have this reactive hypoglycemia, I could consider eating "three squares" - but until it goes away (never) I won't be doing that.

If WW isn't a diet, what do you call eating >1000 calories a day?

I suppose it was a wacky allergic reaction last night.

Because, I'm "fine" now.  I took a dose and a half of Tylenol PM which contains anti-histamines, and I finally went to sleep and stopped shivering.

If that were a viral sort of sickness, I think I'd still feel sick right now.  So, I'm blaming the iron.  If you remember my first go-round with the iron infusions, I was allergic to them.  The first drug most doctors try is called Dextran, and that caused me to break out into instant hives, and they had to stop it's infusion immediately.  The medication I have been receiving since, is Ferrlicit.  Most infusions, I only get a little "achy" in my joints, which I thought was just a little bit of a side effect.  Last nights' shivering and aching and hellish reaction is not my idea of fun.  I'm only scheduled to get these infusions once a month for now - but I do plan on making a note of this reaction with the hematologist, because it seemed too intense.

It doesn't make sense why I'd react differently this time - though it's been a few months in between infusions.

My body is just rebelling, in many ways.

I get what I want, but I don't get what I need.

While I sat in my iron infusion today, my husband went and picked up a whole frozen cheesecake for me to slice into five millionty pieces.  <3 

Now, I would be super-thankful and all that, if...

I weren't currently shaking to my core with chills and pain.

(WHAT THE FCK?  Can't I catch a break?)

If I hadn't had this same medication infused previously, I would think that this is a reaction, because I'm a mess.  But, I suppose this could be a virus, that just decided to show up.  I was PERFECTLY fine about an hour ago, and now I'm a quivering aching mess.

Cheesecake is not in the plan tonight I guess.

But, this is.  Goodnight.