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Whey, To Go!

I did it.  I tried the Designer Whey Protein Paks 2 Go.  I prepared myself to not enjoy this product, because I've been let down lately with new things.  But,  I was wrong.

The package says that you can use the packet of flavor to your taste, either in 4 oz of water for an intense flavor, up to 16 oz of water for a light experience.  I compromised, and dumped my packet of Pomegranate Protein 2 Go in 12 oz of water, for a somewhat light taste experience.  Upon opening the packet, I noted no intense smell, no overwhelming artificial fruit flavored powder up your nose like you get when you open a Crystal Light To Go packet.  That, is a giant plus for me.


The powder mixed into the water quite evenly and I shook the crap out of the bottle just to make sure.


Once I shook her up and made her frothy, I sipped.  I was askeered.  Very askeered.  But, it didn't smell bad, and looked awfully pretty.  Down. The. Hatch.  OMGZ, it's GOOOOOOOOOD.  Gooder than I 'spected!  In fact, I sucked it down.  10 grams of protein, done!  STAT.  I enjoyed it.  I tossed the rest of the packets in my bag for when I'm out - and I plan to use them when I get a cold drink craving.  (I HATE WATER.  HATE HATE HATE.)  I will totally use these for those times when, I have to get a bottle-o-water.

I'm impressed.  Again, I'm surprised that I liked it.

Nutrition Info:

60 calories
1 fat
2 carbs
10 protein

Sweetened with oligliofructose!

Item:  Designer Whey ProteinPak 2Go - Pomegranate Flavor
Price:  $1.79 at GNC, I bought several but this packet was a free sample I got in the mail.
Pros:  To Go!  Doesn't smell like ass!  Super low carb and low calorie.
Cons:  Pricey, for one, I would have to buy a case to validate the cost.
Rating:  3 out of 5.

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