The bill is dead, but... it's the thought that counts?
Bear Naked Fit Whole Grain Granola in Vanilla Almond

You hungry? For my next review?!

We stopped at a different grocery store on the way home from my EEG appointment yesterday, where I found So! Many! new things, like, Cock Soup.  I had to buy it, it's low-calorie! 

We spent $100.00 more than usual because this store is closer to home and closer to Rich People, and it pissed me off to spend $100.00 more than I spend at Wal*Mart for the same amount of groceries.  But, they have Cock Soup - something I haven't seen at Wal*Mart, but it ain't worth an extra $100.00, especially since Mama's grocery budget is, well, GONE!

I officially ended my employment today.  My bosses have to replace me, they've kept my place open for a month, and I have no idea when I will be able to drive again.  Sure, it may seem simple to someone else, "use public transportation," we don't HAVE it here, I'm forty miles from the city.  It really isn't an option to consider getting a ride to work unless I get a big girl job that pays big girl money.  I may need to just wait until I am cleared to drive myself around again, which may be in August if I have no further seizure activity.

So, you're stuck with me, reviewing and blogging for six months now.  Sorry.

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