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The Infamous Car Post.

My husband went to a car dealership. 

(We are looking to sell/barter/grovel my SUV, to lower our debt-to-income ratio for the mortgage process.  Because?  I can't drive due to my medical issues - and I have a HUGE car payment sitting in the driveway of my interest only mortgaged house.)

He had a deal in the works for a cheaper car with this dealership.  (We would just sell it outright, but no one will just buy it for the amount of the loan.) 

Here's the video version for the reading impaired.

He brought Tristan, my 23 month old daughter, with him to close the deal on this car.

The finance officer asked him for a $1500.00 down payment, that Mr. MM was not unaware of and was not asked for at all.  Bob told the finance guy that he did not have the money, that it would have to wait or it just wasn't happening at all, the whole thing was about to blow up/end, when the General Manager of this location flipped out.

Just before the following occurred, Bob heard the General Manager in his own office, SCREAMING, "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

Then, the General Manager came out of the office, and got in Bob's face, after they were trying to close the deal for the day at least:

"LISTEN, I'll be honest with you, YOUR FUCKING CHILD IS GIVING ME A FUCKING MIGRAINE, from all the 'screaming,' if someone came into your bank with a child screaming, I am sure you would tell them to leave. So I am asking you to just call us on Monday."

From the dealers' own website: 

"Our goal is to make your visit to McGee Pre-Owned Superstore the BEST and EASIEST purchase experience ever! We look forward to serving you." 

But, don't bring your kids!


Our daughter?  Was pleasant.  She's in a good mood today.  She is a loud kid.  We know this.   The 'screaming' he was referring to was our toddler using her echoing ability in the big dealership.  Echos?  They rock.  Anyone who has had a toddler knows This Is What Babies DO.

Any CAR SALESMAN with ANY SALES EXPERIENCE would have pulled out the bag'o'tricks and gave the child something shiny and distracted her for a few minutes to get all of Daddy's Money, right?  Daddy SELLS MONEY FOR A LIVING, he knows the TRICKS.

They are pretty lucky that I did not go with him, with ALL FOUR KIDS, sticky fingers, high on Diet Coke and asking for helium balloons.  But, to the moms in my email box, asking to do just that?  It will be like a La Leche League Nurse In all up in there pretty soon, I can tell you that much.  Boobs and breast-milk squirting, screaming babies and toddlers, everywhere, looking for test drives!


Bob asked that I go with him yesterday, but I have not been pleasant about this situation.  I want to keep my car, I really like it.  But, the payment, it's really bad.  We bought it not knowing that I would be unable to drive it to a job to pay for it.

Bob walked out.  Floored.  He did not know what to say, in fact he was wearing a logo-shirt from his employer (a bank) and felt it totally inappropriate to lose his composure even if he wanted to. Although you should know, people drop the f-bomb on him all the time, and all he can do?  Smile and nod.

You better believe that if/when he goes back, it will be with all four kids, and a dozen chocolate covered donuts, and WHDH.


He just talked to the owner of the company on the phone, explained to him as calmly as he could what had occurred.  The owner said he'd get back in touch.

Waiting... waiting....waiting.... (this was Sunday night.)

So.  The dealership owner did not call back. 

The original salesman who had nothing to do with the actions of his boss called very soon after this and made Big Oh Yes Sirs!  We will do anything to help! to Bob on the phone, but never mentioned what happened. 

Today, it's Monday, and the deal was completely squashed, the salesman said that the "banks fell through" on the loan, when in fact yesterday, they were ready to sign papers, if Bob would just give them some cash. 

Bob did nothing to end the deal (he should have, given the treatment he received) he only waited for a response because he really would have liked to avoid a nasty confrontation, and too, would have liked to sell the SUV.

Let me just state, for the record?  I have NEVER, EVER, in my LIFE had bad treatment to the extent of THAT at a car dealer.  In fact, some of the dealers have gone out of their way for our kids.  We have purchased many cars and a few RVs in the last 11 years with kids in tow, and this has never happened.  Some dealers, have baby rooms, changing tables, car-seats even. 

We have received stickers, balloons, snacks, money (!) for the vending machines, coffee, treats, games, TV, videos, rides, BUT NEVER IN MY LIFE has someone dropped the F-BOMB AT MY BABY.

Ironic that you cannot use vulgarity on Better Biz Bureau to describe the nature of your complaint.


I was coerced/threatened not to post anything more about That Day on the front page of the blog.   

Please regard this post as "NOT SHARING ANYTHING ABOUT IT."

Not by a lawyer, but by a Finance Manager of the dealership
I asked for a lawyer, at least three times.

They pushed a piece of paper in front of me and said, "SIGN." I said no,  I walked out, I refused, it did not go well.  I hand scrawled a note instead, leaving out particular words, including the word "legal."

This came via the Better Business Bureau is response to my complaint I sent in before I was threatened not to share our experiences.

(Which had I even LOOKED I would have seen the 23 complaints against the company filed in the last 36 months.

From the dealer:

"Response Details:  We have worked this out they got the vehicle. And they were makeing things up in order to exstort our business into giving them what ever they wanted. The gm never sword near her child and thats all we have to say about the matter. However we did appoligize for the problems and misunderstanding this cutomer had."

Spell check is priceless.

(Catch the typo in the sign below?)

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