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Half of my peer group saw NKOTB over the weekend in Boston. I was like, "WTF?" So, I am here listening to the new tunes. Not. half. bad. I was a Jordan Knight Fan in elementary school. Mr. MM saw them in concert back then. He just shakes his head at this video. Heh heh. You got The RIGHT STUFF, baby. Read more

Sometimes I think I shouldn't post this stuff.

I have a definite pattern of seizures. They seem to occur most often in the early morning before I wake up. That completely cuts off the chance of these early morning seizures being related to reactive hypoglycemia. I wonder if I were single (sleeping alone) I might never know that I had them, and I would be totally ignorant of it aside from feeling "spacey" and slightly moronic at times. This morning, I had a seizure at 5:30am. My usual routine of gibberish talk, "I need sugar, I'm sorry, I need sugar," Mr. MM says the difference this time was... Read more

Political. Skip it.

I only post this, because we are one of the many, sub-prime mortgage holders. I feel sort of like we should all be buiding an Ark and stockpiling rice. Our house is part of the problem? I don't know. I am sorry if we are. This, and houses previous to this, have had "sub-prime" mortgages. It's all we could get in order to own a house. If it matters? I'm a registered, but very apathetic (about everything) liberal Democrat. Bob is a registered Republican working for an Internationally owned bank. This is a ten-part video series about the Subprime Lending... Read more

We might as well celebrate.

It's National Coffee Day. Lettuce celebrate. National Coffee Day from Eric Anderson on Vimeo. Pioneer Woman gave away two, yeah, two Breville Espresso Machines* on her website with one post garnering 11,000 comments, 10, 994 comments, but I got depressed thinking about scrolling and my computer froze. How about some CLICK? That, I can do. Comment. Tell me how you take YOUR COFFEE. *Although, I would jump at the chance to give one of you a DeLonghi Magnifica. *swoon* This thing has kept me alive for the last nine months. ;) Read more

I ate some food, and I liked it.

I love this, OMG. I love this girl! Put on your humor for just a moment. She's adorable. Yes, she's one of us. Watch this video. I cannot embed it. This was never the way I planned Not my intention I got so brave burger in hand Lost my discretion it's not what I'm used to Just wanna take a bite I'm so sick of to-fu I want some fries and a diet rite I ate some food and I liked it The taste of it's tangy ketchup I ate some food just to try it I hope my surgeon... Read more

The Walk From Obesity 2008

We are back from a somewhat soggy Walk From Obesity. Of course it didn't start to rain until we got outside to do "big arm circles!" to warm up for our walk. We donned plastic body condoms, err ponchos, and got to stepping. I have some very definite ideas about next year's walk, if I have anything to do with it. It simply amazes me that more big city hospitals and surgeons are not involved with something such as THIS. Do you know how many bariatric hospitals and surgeons they are in greater BOSTON? Lots. When I was asked what... Read more

And we're off, sort of.

It's raining this morning, and my eleven year old daughter has taken off with grandma to see Miley Freakin' Cyrus aka Hannah Montana (No comment because I'm jealous because it's at the MGM GRAND, and WHEN DO I GET TO GO?!) and brought the one rain sort of jacket in the house with her, so I am leaving for an outdoor walk with a trash bag. I also have seven gift bags of goodies in trash bags for my team members for the walk, hoping those don't get soaked as well. I am stalling and posting about Miley, OMGZ! because... Read more

Super Protein Stuffed Peppers.

It's cold, raining and miserable outside. I am in fall mode. I want HOT foods baking in the oven. Hot casseroles, warm, good-smelling foods NOW. It's weird how that kicks in as soon as the weather changes. Here is one of my favorite home cooked meals, made healthy and kicked up with protein a bit: Stuffed Peppers. Ingredients: 1 box Quinoa 4 medium red bell peppers 3/4 pound ground beef (1/2 turkey breast if you want) 1 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground allspice 2 cups bottled tomato-and-basil pasta... Read more

One more chance. That's all you get.

The Walk From Obesity in Lowell, Massachusetts is tomorrow. I am bribing my team co-captain for a ride. It's going to be raining buckets, and we are still. going. in. the. rain. Now, here's the thing: I had a GOAL. I wanted to recruit a big team. One would think with the reach I have with this here interwebz that I could get at least a few of you anti-social folk to come out and play but, I got seven, AND THAT INCLUDES? Me. My husband who is not coming, because he is bringing kids with him to a FHA... Read more

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

I have to explain something. I am no longer a "Bl*gHer." I have been removed from the ad network. I realize writing this is a bad move, but I have already gotten a few "What happened to your M & M's Ads Beth?!" comments, and rather than dodge the issue, here it is. Ad networks want to own your upper 50%. Bl*gHer has a rule about being on top, all the time. That means when your page loads, their ads have to be front and center and the only visible image based advertisements in the top fold of the page.... Read more

Bell Plantation Chocolate PB2

"The same great PB2, but with just enough chocolate to make it a delectable, guilt-free spread. Delicious on graham crackers, fruit, “salty” crackers, as cupcake icing, ice cream topping, and in smoothies. These are but a few of the uses for this chocolaty, satisfying treat." Nutritional Values: (6.5 oz./184g) Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, cocoa powder, sugar, and salt. Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons (12 grams) Servings per container: 16 Calories 52.2 Calories from Fat 12.8 Total Fat 1.42 g Saturated Fat 0.46 g Unsaturated Fat 0.89 g Trans Fat <0.01 g Cholesterol <0.1 mg Sodium 59.9 mg Total Carbohydrate 6.0 g Dietary... Read more

I am not pouting. Just shut up.

(My niece, at dinner the other night, after having tasted "too picy!" salsa) *This post sponsored by Pure! Irritation! sparked by something totally unrelated and aggravated further by too little sleep and a side of pain. I hate being told to shut up. There I said it. I have been sitting on that for days. I hate bullying, by kids. "Come here, I want you to play with me!" Come here little girl, come play with me, so I can kick your ass. Then that girl has to cry, pout and look for snacks. It's a BAD CYCLE. Don't GO... Read more

What you need is a good ole colon cleansin'.

A while back I went to the PCP with pain. I told the NP that I thought I had an impacted bowel or something of that region, because I Can Pin Point The Discomfort, and it's Right Here. Picture me, right now, pointing DIRECTLY AT THE POINT BELOW THAT RED CIRCLE, JUST ABOVE THE BLADDER. For the girls, it feels EXACTLY like uterine pain, but it's not. If you're wondering, it's not gas-related. It has been bothering me forever, and it comes on like this for a couple days and then wanes. I feel like I need to "hold up"... Read more


The surgeon in the video below is referring to the treatment of anemia after the Mini-Gastric Bypass, but the advice is the same for most anyone. I was given the iron drug he refers to as "DANGEROUS" and I started going into shock. :thumbs up: I now get something else called "Ferrlecit" which he does not mention, but I am going to ask about this Venofer, because everyone else seems to get that these days and I wonder if it would work better for me too. Read more

Another post RNY seizure patient.

I have permission to share this. And, it's fucking scary. Just like me, except, she's been to a Bariatric Surgeon who reports other post ops with similar symptoms. -MM _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "I had RNY gastric bypass surgery in 2003. I weighed 300 pounds & the surgery saved my life at the time. Two years ago I started to have seizures with migraines & my vision started going out. I was bumping into walls, doing my daily routine backwards & couldn't remember anything short term. GREAT - now what? Within a month I had 2 grand mal seizures that put me in... Read more