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Ellen DeGeneres Show. 900th episode.

Baconnaise + Bacon Salt. Everything tastes better slathered in pig.

Including my lips.



I got a box o' bacon luv from J & D Foods, including four varieties of their Bacon Salt, Baconnaise (hold up MM, WHAT?!) and BACON FREAKING FLAVORED LIP GLOSS BABY!


My lips are currently schmeared with pork flavor.  And you know what, it's not half bad, and I've already re-applied.  It's the craziest thing you ever read, right? 

After I applied the taste of pure pork fat to my face, I opened the Baconnaise, to taste test, you know that's why I ordered the stuff, because of THIS, the BACON-MAYO.  This is serious product taste testing right here.  BACON, one of my main-stays, you know, since I am all about MEAT and FAT in my life style since gastric bypass, and mayo, a sometimes food, but you mix that with the flavor of pork pleasure, OMG.

Guys, it's tasty.  I'm almost a little guilty to share it.  It's mayo.  (This is a weight-loss life blog most of the time, but.. yanno.)


But hold up.  There is a 30 calorie light version of the mayo.


Also, check out Bacon Salt, with the same kick ass flavor, in a multitude of taste blends, that is totally ZERO calorie and carb, so you're not out of luck if mayonnaise is not on your 'plan.'  (I make room.) 

I just shook the Natural Bacon Salt flavor on a pot of boiling lentils, and it's delish!

Anyhow.  I am planning sauteed green beans and roasted asparagus with bacon salt and deviled eggs with the mayo.   Yum.

But first, Faux-tato Salad, like this, but with the Baconnaise.  Low-Carb.

Not live, don't be an idiot and try to order from this phone number:

You want some?  HA HA, it's all mine.  No giveaway just yet.  Go to the bacony goodness store.

  • Product - Baconnaise and Bacon Salt from J & D Foods
  • Purchased - Box o Bacon Love for Review from J & D Foods.
  • Price -
  • Pros - Everything tastes better with bacon.  Zero fat and carbs in the salt.  Brings back good memories.  Feels like cheating.  Baconnaise is just pure love.
  • Cons - Sodium.  The mayo is still mayo, folks, try the light version.
  • Rating - Bacon Salt - Pouch-worthy!  Baconnaise - With discretion.  Baconnaise Lite - Party on.

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