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Control Bars for appetite management and blood sugar maintenance by Bariatric Advantage

"Why ControlBar? No other snack converts to blood sugar as gradually as ControlBar to help stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours. This slow conversion helps with weight loss in two ways. Controls hunger safely and effectively by helping to prevent a key trigger of appetite - drops in blood sugar. Inhibiits fat production and storage by preventing the surges in insulin that stimulate the body to produce and store fat."

I tried two flavors of Control Bars from Bariatric Advantage today.  If you recall I said I thought these would be not unlike the Extend Bars suggested for my use my the Joslin Clinic to maintain my blood sugar levels.  I was asked to eat a uncooked cornstarch bar between meals and before bed to keep me from dropping into the danger zone of low blood sugar repeatedly - because - it causes drain bamage.  But.  Let's not go there.  (I have found that dark chocolate also keeps my levels stable.  Hush.)

The peanut butter flavor was nearly identical to the Extend Bars - although these bars contain bigger crispy soy bits inside, making them a little more fun! to chew.  But had you given me this, the peanut butter Control bar with no wrapper, I would have called it an Extend Bar.  The peanut butter bar is very dense, chewy and dry, tasting of soy crisps, peanut butter or peanut powder, and starches.  It really is very close in taste and texture to the previous bar, and I could eat it, it's just not my preferred flavor.  I'm not a peanut butter fan.  (You would think, since the world runs on PB, and the post WLS has it running through their veins.)

The other Control Bar flavor I tried today - Mixed Berry - is entirely different in texture and taste than any of the other bars.  It is sweet, candy-like and soft.  It looks like a strawberry-flavored "Laffy-Taffy" with soy crisps and tiny bits of berries in it.  I was a little bit excited when I unwrapped this one to see a confection-like bar, except I am now fighting my toddler off for it.  The Mixed Berry bar was easier to eat, tastier, and had a better mouth feel.  I liked it.

I also have a few other varieties to try, I will add them to this post as I eat them.  :) 


  • Product - Control Bars
  • From - Bariatric Advantage
  • Price - Sample for review, see website for pricing.
  • Pros - Satiety, blood glucose maintenance, staying upright and not having blood sugars of 30! 150 calories.
  • Cons - Main sweetener is maltitol.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy MM

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