A recap? Not so much.
To maintain my weight, I have to eat this many calories. Or, Beth, you're at higher risk for such health problems as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes (di"ah-BE'teez or di"ah-BE'tis)

Mama Wants A WLS Product Expo.

AO Re-Review, Live! (Testing the smell first! )

I will tell you what I love:  I love trying new products, and finding new GOODS. I do. I really do. 

I went to the Obesity Help event in San Ramon hoping to see MORE VENDORS WITH MORE GOODS. 


Listen, I know we, the Bariatric Community aren't really spending much money these days, BUT, getting the WORD out to a handful of people that are likely to spread your product like a STD is a GOOD THING, if you have a good product.  (Have you heard of CLICK?  Did you see that happen?  It's everywhere.  Was not before.)

Hell, even half-good product spreads like wild-fire in our post-operative situation because if it's "OMG SOMETHING WE CAN HAVE?!  (Anybody remember Philly Swirls?) 

I know there are plenty of rabid salespeople out there with product that we could totally dig.  Bring it.  Show up.  The ultimate - good targeted product that is within the range of what most people can afford - and with SAMPLES. 

Packaged monkey poop is common in our protein heavy food world.  It's just the way it is.

I forced NON-gastric bypassers to try one of the products a vendor had sent.  They would not, could not, should not.  They did, after much coercing, and a bit of a bribe.  Now they know the truth.  ;)   This is our world, you just live in it.  Now, where are the vendors?  Sell to us.  Bring it.

Yes, of course there were a few good products there (CLICKCLICKCLICK) there.  But. We need a lot more.  I can see from a vendors point of view that events are a Big Deal and a Big Expense.  But I am really thinking of Bigger Vendors.  Where are YOU?   

We ARE the "Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Community"  - there are SO MANY PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND THINGS!! OUT THERE.

I want to see you all together - as a serious consumer of all things WLS - do it.  I want a "MM's WLS Product and Services  "Expo," FOR the Consumer.

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