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Bariatric Advantage Calcium Crystals with Vitamin D


Bariatric Advantage says: 

"Our Calcium Crystals are a unique form of calcium that dissolves readily in water and most other liquids leaving minimal taste. This form, Calcium Lactate-Gluconate, has a bioavailability comparable to Calcium Citrate , but is neutral pH and has very high solubility in water making it perfect for a drink mix. In addition, each serving of Calcium Crystal contains a full 500 IU of vitamin D3 to support bone health. You can add this delicious product to plain water or another drink of your choice as an easy and effective way to meet your daily needs for calcium and vitamin D. Calcium Crystals are available in Tubs or convenient individual serving Packets in unflavored and Lemon-Lime."

MM says:

        "It smells great!" 

  • Serving = One Packet or Scoop
  • Daily Dose = 2 servings
  • Calcium (as Lactate-Gluconate)    600 mg    60%
  • Vitamin D3    500    IU  125%

You rip one packet, or dump one scoop of this highly pulverized powder that I spilled all over my keyboard, into four to eight ounces of water, stir and drink.  It's an easy way to get your daily dose of calcium and vitamin D needs in two servings.





However.  It needs a little suttin-suttin.  Mama is a wuss.  I would gladly add it to a bottle of something else and get it down, but I could not sip it straight up.  I am highly sensory, on the positive side, it smells amazing.  I took a chug straight back, but the smell is not equivalent to the taste, it's a slightly bitter citrus with no sweetness.  (You are talking to four Splenda packet Venti coffee girl.)

My suggestion is to add these flavored calcium crystals to a serving of Raspberry Flavored Water (like "Crystal Light," etc.)  (A Calcium Lime Rickey!  And Drink Two A Day!) or to buy the unflavored and do the same.

You know what - let me go do JUST THAT.  I should not go tell you to do something if I'm not gonna do it myself.  I have to search for artificially flavored drink product though - I don't know if I have any - maybe I will toss it into a fruit protein shake - Isopure?  OR - Designer Whey To Go?  Hmm.  BRB.



I change my mind.  It's delicious in Designer Whey.  LOL.

*Disclaimer:  I must admit this is my very first foray into a calcium crystal product, I have one other brand here to compare it to, and I've not tried a product made for a non-bariatric patient, and don't plan to.

BECAUSE-  BA has other calcium products that I rated forever ago because they taste delish.  The Calcium Citrate + D Lozenges in Mint, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Wild Cherry.   They are all just ducky.  My personal BA Calcium fave is the Wild Cherry.  Bow Chicka Wow Wow.   The Cinnamon is really, really good too. 

  • Product - Bariatric Advantage Calcium Crystals with Vitamin D
  • Via - Bariatric Advantage
  • Price - Varied
  • Pros - Looks like a illegal drug all over my keyboard, two servings and you are done, unflavored powder option
  • Cons - Not that tasty until you add it to a drink, then it's mmlicious, a little more thinking involved that open mouth/insert chewable calcium.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy with conditions, MM 2100865737_6420f6d027_o


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