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Food Should Taste Good - OLIVE Chips.

I think I have died and gone to heaven.  This. should. not. be. allowed.  Keep in mind, that I'm having less than a serving size, and I'm over here savoring the ACTUAL TASTE OF KALAMATA and GREEN OLIVES inside a chip.  

For breakfast-ish this morning, I ate four of these, with tabouli and feta.  NOM.

This will be in a bowl at our next party, next to delicious things to dip in, and feta cheese to stick on it and more olives. 

These chips are 140 calories and 18 carbs per serving.  I would like more, please.


One of my most favorite things on earth.  Olives.  On each of my fingers, preferably.

It's hard to put a rating on a chip.  It doesn't seem like something I should be 'rating' on a gastric bypass blog, lol.  So, bite me.  

  • Product - Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips
  • Price - Um.  I never remember when I actually WANT to buy something.  $3?
  • Via - Local grocery store, they're local to MA.
  • Pros - OLIVES, simple ingredients, just amazingly good.
  • Cons - They're still corn chips.
  • Rating - POUCHFREAKINGWORTHY MM 2100865737_6420f6d027_o
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