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No phony gimmicks! Just pure value! Bob's Discount Furniture.

When we moved into this house, we needed furniture. 

We still do, but that's not what I am talking about.  There's a big 31 store furniture chain that we got sucked into because of the "low prices" after going to another store and getting serious sticker-shock.
Also, "Bob's Discount Furniture has been named “Furniture Retailer of the Year."  That right there is a selling point, no?

They have commercials that stick in your brain like glue.  Here's one from the 90's.  And another from more recently.   The newest commercials are better, but stick worse.  LOL.

We have a living room now, which in the old house we did not have.  We needed couches.  Bad.  We had been using a broken IKEA couch that has no springs left, and it's just no good.

I like leather, because it's washable and we are likely to get things dirty with kids in the house.  I checked Bob's website and found that they had "Leather!" 

Picture 1

No way.  Not for that price.  Once in the store I liked this set and bought it.  I never once thought "Leather" meant anything but.  It does.  It's not leather you moron, you can't charge $999.00 for genuine leather furniture.  I was so sucked in to the :

"OMG it's leather, it's brown, and we can afford it!  And, look at the free candy and KOI pond!?" 

I should have listened more carefully to the salesperson who was bad-mouthing the company, and griping about how Bob's caters lunch for the employees on the weekend, but it's all a big show, blah blah blah.  I just stood and commiserated with her, "retail sucks," I say.

We buy this set - and bring it home. 

Soon after, the "leather" on the back of one couch pops off, and we are calling for a fix.  A young kid comes and fixes it.  Later, I  take the cushions off to vacuum under it and I read the label.  This isn't leather.  I should have known better.  It, like my pocketbook, is mostly polyurethane.  I had no clue in the store. 

(Cat is now out of the bag.  She totally climbed in it for a photo op.)

In the store I may have seen something like this:

Fabric Content: 100% Bonded Leather everywhere the body touches. Polyurethane mate.

WTF is bonded leather?  Wait a minute?

Source -

"We stayed away from it (bonded leather) for a long time because we didn't know what to call it," said Jake Jabs, president and CEO of American Furniture Warehouse in Englewood, Colo. "We didn't want to call it bonded leather because it's not really leather."

Bob's calls it leather.  It's got it's own section of the website:  Leather.  I really thought I was buying a god damned leather couch.  I am a moron.  (Slap me.)

"The term "bonded leather" is convenient shorthand within the industry, but it's bound to confuse consumers, who are likely to hear only the word "leather." Even worse, true bonded leather is produced more like a paper product, which would be a terribly inferior cover for upholstery.

New composite fabrics now called "bonded leather" have a surface layer of vinyl or polyurethane, a center layer of fabric, and a backing that contains some leather fibers mixed with latex or other material, such as splits, glued onto the fabric for a look that is similar to the back of a leather hide.

Nick Cory of the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati describes the product this way: "On the outside, it's polyurethane embossed to look like leather. Then, to complete the effect, the manufacturer has glued on fibers (on the back) to look like leather."

There's nothing wrong with that, but we need another description for these products or we stand to lose credibility with consumers, something our industry can ill afford.

These are good products with plenty to recommend them. There's really no need to suggest they are leather. Most of these products are extremely durable. Oekopelle, for example, has been tested to more than 100,000 double rubs for durability, which exceeds industry standards.

That durability alone is a great marketing hook, not to mention the outstanding surface patterns that can simulate almost any leather look, and a manufacturing process that is less environmentally damaging than leather. But all that can be neutralized at retail if we aren't careful. No matter how much leather fiber is mixed into the backing, it's still not a leather cover, at least not in any way the consumer can see or touch.

Cory says calling these products bonded leather "is deceptive because it does not represent its true nature. It's a vinyl, or a polyurethane laminate or a composite, but it's not leather. If you tar and feather someone, does that make them a chicken?" Obviously not.

So market the daylights out of the performance, aesthetic and environmental appeal of a fine product. But don't call it bonded leather unless you're prepared for an ugly backlash when some litigious consumer decides he's been duped."

I was embarrassed to post about this before because I was had, however today I noticed the holes.  It's got pinholes, and in one location two, (since I just took photos, probably more) and I now see the cushion underneath.  Awesome.  I have had real leather before, and this has never happened.  We have owned this set since the first week of November 2008.  Some people keep couches for years and years.  Yeah, not polyfuckingurethane.
This is what I get, a disposable couch, or two.  We bought two.  They gave us a buy one get one for a penny schtick and I took it. 

But, I did get a handful of free CANDY!  (Even if I felt like a thief taking some, because of the signs posted.)


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