A personal story of post RNY hypoglycemia diagnosed later as Nesidioblastosis
Good news, and I drove.

I'm asking for forgiveness in advance of the vocal tics.

In the middle left of my back, I have a little annoying muscle twitch, and in my right calf that I can see, it's jumping right now.  This is fun!  (I have told you about Mr's face tic, now I've developed TWO!  His is obviously a stress reaction, he gets tanked, has to be an adult, and it comes out as a jaw tic.) 

I'm sitting here at the moment, getting up and doing house-things, kid things, and my leg and back are talking to each other.  It's new, and different than the previous issue of NOT FEELING MY FEET AND HANDS...which I actually now appreciate more because it made me walk to 'shake it off.'  

Deep anterior muscles

Since I play Nurse Google, this can be attributed to the seizure medicine, as can every dog gamn thing on earth.  I don't particularly like reading the list of potential side effects, because "Whoa, I have that." 

Hey, "motor twitching!"  Oh look, "ataxia!"  And then there's the super-fun "mental-confusion!"  I have taken to just living with that fact that I'm LIKE THAT now.

The twitch can also happen with various deficiencies - magnesium and D seem the likely culprits.

Medical history questions may include:

  • When did you first notice the twitching?  Recently.
  • How long does it last?  On and off all day.
  • How often do you experience twitching?  All day, most noticeable if I am sitting or laying in bed, at which time I complain of tingling in my legs too.
  • What muscles are affected?  Back and calf, sometimes face and eye.
  • Is it always in the same location?  Lately.
  • Are you pregnant?  HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • What other symptoms do you have?  Uh.
I called and made a hematology appointment to check on my blood.  Bob is haggling the insurance company right now, to get them to pay the outstanding $2,300 (I thought it was just $1K) payable to the hematologist and a visit to a bariatric doc back in January. 

I think we need a home-testing kit for this stuff.  It would be cheaper and easier, and we wouldn't have to explain things to doctors.

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