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Are you a non-op with an eating disorder?

Bariatric Advantage Pre-Operative Complete Vitamin and Mineral Formula - Chewable

Are you PRE-OP and planning your weight loss surgery?  Bariatric Advantage has a vite for THAT!  (Again, I wish I had one!  I don't think I took anything.) 

"Bariatric Advantage Pre-Operative Multi-Formula is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral product designed to help you get started on the path towards better health. Many studies have shown that obesity is commonly associated with poor vitamin and mineral status. While your doctor may check for and even treat some problems before surgery, many nutrients are simply too difficult and costly to screen. A comprehensive vitamin and mineral product taken before surgery can help to build and support healthy nutrient levels. Healthy nutrient status is associated with better immune function and wound healing, which can be important after surgery. Also, starting your vitamins now – before your surgery – helps you to learn part of the routine you will have to adopt after your surgery."

The pre-op vitamins are a chewable blend, in "Mixed Berry" flavor.  They smell super -- like Hawaiian Punch?  Each chewable vite is about the size of a dime.  The texture is good, it's different -- smooth -- although if you are pre-op it's likely you might not have tried many bariatric supplements yet.  These are absolutely different than any adult chewable multi you might find at the drugstore.  The taste is a slightly tart but sweet strawberry or raspberry flavor.  It's good, I find these quite easy to take.  Again, if you're pre-op, there shouldn't be any real reason to NOT like vites -- that happens post op.  Picture 23

  • Product - Bariatric Advantage Pre-Operative Complete Vitamin and Mineral Formula - Chewable
  • Price - $10.95
  • Via - Bariatric Advantage
  • Pros - Getting used to taking a daily vitamin regimen, tastes 1000 x's better than typical adult chewables (BLECH), affordable
  • Cons -
  • Rating - Pre-op Pouchworthy, MM.

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