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Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar - For carb conscious dieters.

Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars

You know, luckily for you I have a serious problem with memory.  I tend to "forget" that I've already tried a product -- and when I see something that looks like a new item or a new flavor -- I grab some! 

"Hey - check this out - it's new/different?"

Some times, this works out well.  In the case of the BNRG Power Crunch Bars.  I could never eat those without having a serious reaction, but since I have a problem,"  I keep buying them.  Here and there, there's Power Crunch in my freezer -- and they are FCKING DELICIOUS, which basically means I was eating them even if I reacted.  But, hey -- it stopped happening, and now they have climbed up the list of my favorites.  I have learned that RNY sucks, and never, ever, write a food off your "works for me" list until you've tried it over and over and over.  Except eggs.  And, nuts.  And, milk.  And, dry meat.  And... well, you get it.  (No, really... I tried to return a case of PC bars years ago because I was certain they were the death of me.)

But.  Not always.  I snagged a handful of Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar - For carb conscious dieters!  last night.  I tried them at least twice before.  I'm just a slut for "Look! It's different!" and bought some.

I am sorry, I still do not like them.
Universal Carbrite Diet Peanut Butter - 12 Bar(S)
I cannot get past the texture.  Thick and thick.  This isn't to say I won't keep trying!  I will. Formulations change.  I tried the Chocolate Mint variety - but I didn't taste much of anything but The Thickness.  No wait -- It tastes -- like protein powder -- soy protein powder.  Soy protein powder, mixed with a sugar-free "fudge."

If you're seeking a super-dense protein bar that is low carb - it fits the bill. 

  • Product - Doctor's CarbRite Diet Sugar Free Bar - For carb conscious dieters.
  • Price - Less than $2 each $1.50-$1.69
  • Via - Grocery Shopping
  • Pros - The Thickness, low carb, high protein, dense like my head.
  • Cons - The Thickness, high sugar alcohols.
  • Rating - Neutral Pouchworthy, because I know I will try it again sooner than later, I have three in the fridge plus one half-eaten one.
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