OhYeah! Protein Pudding!
Are you glad you did it?

Detour Lower Sugar Bar Chocolate Chip Caramel.

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I am a sucker for new flavors or packaging I don't remember seeing before.

I haven't liked any of the previous Detour bar line before, why would I buy more?  Because of the pretty wrapper, of course.

I still am Not A Fan.  Completely ignoring the nutrition fact label, there's something about the taste of these bars. It's an oddly sour bite that I cannot lose, because otherwise, the texture is good, it's got a nice mix of crispy and chewy and every bar looks pretty damn good.  But, something is sour. 

I believe I called the first bar that I tried, mildew, but that was years ago, and if I recall correctly, I also had my first dumping outside of my own house experience on a Detour bar as well.  I was working in a retail store in the summer of 2004, several months after my WLS, and during break, I ate most of a Detour bar and nearly died.  I was only like 3-4 months post op, and I swore, never again. 

(What store, Beth?  Yankee Candle.  I adore their product, and would work there just to get the damn candles, but you cannot. breathe. in. there.  It's like an allergic girl torture chamber.  I did not last long, I got called home for an emergency, and my manager said I couldn't go home, as she was having Dinner With Her Parents, and couldn't come to work.  It did not go well.  Damn, and I was a "Second Assistant!" even.  :x ....)

Anyway!  Back to the bar.  I just ate two bites.  Again, great texture, decent initial taste, chocolaty and caramel, like a candy-bar, but then, sour! 
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The bars I got are smaller, less calories, but same otherwise.

  • Product - Detour Lower Sugar Bar Chocolate Chip Caramel.
  • Price - I didn't pay attention
  • Via- GNC
  • Pros - Candy-bar like textures, lots of protein
  • Cons - Weird protein sour flavor, high calories, lots of sugar alcohols and huge gas potential.
  • Rating - Non-pouchworthy, MM

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