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Impatient Dieter

I've been watching the videos by "Impatient Dieter" on YouTube for weeks.  She's lost a huge amount of weight in two months, and kept us waiting to see what plan or what version of what plan she uses.  Finally, she shared that it was 100 calorie protein shakes, much like exactly like the ones at Focus28 and SmartForme.  She drinks seven one-hundred calorie meal replacement shakes a day, and eats two small 250 calorie meals, like a salad with protein/carb/fat.

I AM MORE THAN IMPRESSED.  I don't care what the motivation is -- she did it.

And, to see her plan of eating nine times a day -- makes me realize that I SO could do that.  I am terrified of eating three times a day - or even just three meals and two snacks.  But, nine?  Sign me up.

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