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LaBrada ProV60® Multi-Purpose Hi-Protein Shake Vanilla Ice Cream

Short review, simply because I only had one sample, and chugged it down yesterday before realizing it.  Oops.

It's really good.
  Sweet, no aftertaste or dry-mouth.

That's about it.  I'll try to find more packets to review this again properly.   (I actually have a bunch of things from LaBrada Products that I'd like to try, they're on my virtual list.)

The sample packet contained just one scoop - which was entirely appropriate for a WLS'er. The serving size on the tub of protein is much, much bigger, three scoops for 60 grams of protein.  That's nearly your whole day, and a lot of calories.  One scoop would do at a time.

  • Product - LaBrada ProV60®  Multi-Purpose Hi-Protein Shake Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Price - Varies, I have seen $25-30something a tub
  • Via - LaBrada
  • Pros - Super high protein, low sugar, great taste
  • Cons - It tasted good -- so much so that I forgot to review it.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM.

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