The Best New Healthy Food Choices on Supermarket Shelves
I know better.

Wildberry Passion Drink Mix

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YUM.  I'm so making popsicles with this

I mixed one packet of the Wildberry Passion Protein Drink mix with 8 ounces of cold water in my blender bottle and shook.  It mixes into a nice hot pink drink that sort of takes me back to my Kool-Aid days circa 1984. Vaguely Hawaiian Punchy!  Or - dare I say it - Jello.
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(You may know this if you're a long time reader -- or my mother -- I used to sip diluted J-e-l-l-o as a drink when I was pregnant -- it was one of those never fail things that worked for me, I had serious stomach issues during each pregnancy.)

It's super sweet and fruity, but light enough as a clear protein mix that it doesn't leave you with any protein-y dry mouth feel or aftertaste.

Focus28 says:

"Delicious and Cold! Quench your thirst for a sweetened drink without the sugar and extra calories. Focus 28 drink mixes are sugar-free, high in protein and provide the light, refreshing taste of summer in any season. Specially designed bariatric protein fruit drinks make bariatric weight loss easier. They taste great as frozen Popsicles too."

Ah-ha.  They say popsicles too.  I swear I did not read that until just now.  But, now I have a query - could one make Jello with this?  Would it work?  Anyone ever try that?  Protein Jello Shots?Jelloshots 

Kidding about that last part.  Mostly. 

This product is clearly suitable for immediately post weight loss surgery, since it can be mixed in as little as six ounces of water and provide 15 grams of protein.  In later stages, it can be used as an anytime protein supplement or snack -- or added to another drink -- think Crystal Light!  Yum.

I likes it, a lot.

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