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Optimum Protein Diet Bars

It's that time again, I am out of all things protein bar.  I tend to bring one to bed, and nibble it if I wake up with a wonky blood sugar.  Last night, I brought this up to bed with me, frankly because it was the last one left.

Picture 10 

I opened it right before I went to bed, and since I don't remember having one before, I figured I would you know, take mental notes for a product review.

The flavor read:  "Fudge Truffle," so I was under the impression it might be soft and, you know, truffley inside?  I know my truffles.  Then again, descriptive flavors don't always match.  

These bars are available in:

Picture 13
**I believe I MIGHT HAVE had the Toasted Coconut before, from Trader Joe's?  Do they sell these?  I am going to search my archives.

ON says:

"All the goodness of our Complete Protein Diet Meal powder comes in a convenient and delicious high protein bar. The Complete Protein Diet Bar is still the same delicious protein bar you have grown to love, but is now gelatin free, sugar free, and is up to 60% lower in fat. 18 g of carbohydrates in each bar are from glycerine and other sugar alcohols."

Nor could I read the nutrition information on the wrapper in the dark, so there's THAT:

Picture 11 

>200 calories, 20 grams of protein.  Woot.  However 18 carbohydrates of which MUCH is maltitol and glycerine. 

It's a laxative!  Not always a bad thing, especially for us WLS'ers who don't poop.

The bar resembled, in the dark, a dry-looking  "Powerbar," sort of small and flat. 

Maybe like this, but all dark brown, and not glossy, and this is why I take photos usually:


It had a chocolatey coating, and smelled of whey protein, I could smell it, which is my first clue.  (I have an aversion to the smell of protein, some products don't hide it well, some do.)

I took a bite.  It was disgustingly thick, dry and crumbly.  I always give a bar the benefit of the "Maybe It's Expired" before I make a rating, but, it wasn't.  I also give it a "Maybe It's just Not Fresh," and it could have been.  It was in date and just, all dried out, unless that's just the way they are. 

The taste?  Bitter mildew-y whey protein with chocolate.  I LOVE me some bitter chocolate, but it wasn't that, it was just ewwyuck.  In fact, I forced myself to swallow it, and that's rare, look at the size of me.  :x  Gack

Optimium Nutrition makes lots of other products, so there's hope.  I will find more and move on.  :)

  • Product - Optimum Protein Diet Bars
  • Price - $1.29/each
  • Via - I bought this at GNC
  • Available - Amazon,,
  • Pros - >200 calories, 20 grams of protein, low "impact" carbs, cheap
  • Cons - Sugar alcohols ahoy, tasted like a dirty mop
  • Rating - Unpouchworthy, MM.
  • Here's my review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein - Gold Standard

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