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Building Blocks Vitamin B-12 Spray - Better in your mouth than in your arse!

Well, it IS! Isn't it? I have had my share of B12 injections, but I prefer to take a supplement than a shot.  Just saying.  I got this spray-able Vitamin B12 from Building Blocks today - and I was zoomed back to the days of squirting "BIANCA" breath spray in junior high.  Except, it's not at all for that reason, but I guess it's a plus that it smells good.

Weight loss surgery patients need B12 - and gastric bypassed patients typically require a supplement, as we do not have the intrinsic factor in our new anatomy to process the good stuff. Recommendation here.


BBVitamins says -

Building Blocks Vitamin B-12 Spray is a patented, fine-mist sublingual spray that delivers 200 mcg per spray. Building Blocks Vitamin B-12 Spray is formulated using an innovative, patented Nanoceutical Delivery SystemTM (NDS). This NDS delivery system dramatically reduces the partial size of the vitamin molecules into NanodropletsTM, therefore helping to increase absorption. Its sublingual, fine-mist spray formula is designed to deliver 1,200 mcg of Vitamin B-12(daily dosage is 6 sprays). Each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

After peeling off a safety tab, you twist top and, well, SPRAY!   The daily dosage is six sprays, or twice a day at three squirts, under the tongue for best absorption.  The flavor is a light spearmint, like Trident Spearmint Gum, not too strong and dissapates very quickly.  You "hold" it in your mouth for 20 seconds and then you can go ahead and swallow if you need to.  But, honestly, I waited the twenty seconds and couldn't tell it was ever in my mouth.

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  • Product - Building Blocks Vitamin B-12 Spray
  • Via - Building Blocks Bariatric Supplements
  • Price - $15 per month's supply
  • Pros - De ja vu to Jr.High School and fresh breath, not having a needle in your arse or arm, tastes good, not overwhelming to your mouth.
  • Cons - De ja vu to Jr. High School
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM
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