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Steel's Gourmet Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute

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If it looks too good to be true?  It's because it probably is.  I have been searching for sweeteners to add to my rotation, because I feel like I am marinated in sucralose.  (I am.)

I came across this:  Steel's Gourmet Sugar Substitutes and Sweeteners.  Gourmet?!  I AM ALL OVER THAT.  I hit up several sites to read about it, as their company website seems to be missing.  

Today - I am checking out their single sweeteners:  Nature Sweet

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Oh.  It's not Gourmet.  It's MALTITOL.  Only maltitol.  Nothing else.  Straight up room clearing with a single fart maltitol.  If you are looking for gas, bloating, pain, and a serious colon-cleanse?  Use maltitol.

Maltitol is in hundreds of products aimed at low-carbers, diabetics and WLS'ers.  Because it's super sweet and really does taste good.  It's okay - in strict moderation.  A single serving of this Steel's Gourmet is ONE TSP = four grams of straight sugar alcohols.  News flash - who is going to use a single serving?  And over the course of a day or in cooking?  Tsp + tsp + tsp, it adds up fast. 

Can sugar alcohol cause problems? 

Though the word "alcohol" is part of their name, they cannot get you drunk. But because they are not completely absorbed, they can ferment in the intestines and cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea. People can have different reactions to different sugar alcohols. Careful experimentation is advised.

netrition -

Maltitol is made by the hydrogenation of maltose (CORN) which is obtained from starch. Like other polyols, it does not brown or caramelize as do sugars. Maltitol’s high sweetness allows it to be used without other sweeteners. It exhibits a negligible cooling effect in the mouth compared to most other polyols. Although maltitol is often used to replace sugars in the manufacture of sugar-free foods, it may also be used to replace fat as it gives a creamy texture to food.

Maltitol is slowly absorbed. Therefore, when maltitol is used, the rise in blood glucose and the insulin response associated with the ingestion of glucose is significantly reduced.>As for careful experimentation?  I have been doing it for six years.  

Maltitol causes some seriously STANK gas in many WLS patients.  I have met people who eat lots of sugar-free goodies, and you can smell the fart residue on THEM.  It's the FOOD!  They say, "I love my sugar free cakes/cookies/candies!"  Then they fart around me.  Yes, Your Mileage Will Vary.  However.  Be careful.  It may be safe, but you may lose friends and influence family to move out.

  • Product - Steel's Gourmet Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute
  • Price - $11.95 
  • Via - Online retailers
  • Pros - No refined sugar, blood sugar "safe"
  • Cons - Gas, bloating, pain, intestinal distress, diarrhea, bad odors
  • Rating - NON-Pouchworthy, MM

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