Birth defects associated with deficiency in bariatric surgery patients
Mother Nature is a bitch.

Designer Whey ---- Wait a minute?

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It's not unusual to find my posts all over the place - and typically - it is difficult to track down who writes the site I find my content on, and it stays.

I have found my fat pants photos on weight loss supplement sites from overseas, and posts on "Hot Weight Loss Information" pages that are nothing but ads and links.  And!  THE BEST ONES?  Are the times I am ON THE PAGE OF A BARIATRIC SURGEON, who has never met me.  :D

You will find me Google Translating it over here in Massachusetts wondering "WHY?!"

It gets frustrating -- especially when someone emails me with the "Hey, did you see this?  Isn't this YOU?"  And there's my photo or post -- touting the benefits of "Methamphetamines* For Rapid Weight Loss!"  <*insert other form of weight loss>

However, those are usually unscrupulous sites built merely for income, no real benefit to anyone else.  So when I find my content on sites that ARE legit, but without any permission, it's different.  

This morning, I found my content on Designer Whey's Protein Blitz Blog.  

I did not receive product from Designer Whey for review.  I do not write for that blog, in fact, it's "bloggers" are all men with large muscles.  I did not submit my post to that blog, I am a little bit, misplaced. o-O

I suppose I could have re-written my content for use on THAT site, had I been asked.  My review does not make sense in the location it is posted, given that I use the terms "WLS," and other bariatric-specific language that doesn't really mesh in the all male, all bodybuilding blog.

Now, THERE is an angle Designer Whey could use, voices from the perspective of weight loss and weight loss surgery. Designer Whey makes several products that are not only appropriate for bariatric patients, they are much more widely available than most, AKA We Can Find It In The Wal Marts.  Many bariatric specific products are only available online.  Many bariatric patients will only shop for their products if they can physically reach out and touch them, so if something appropriate is found at a big box store = WIN.

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 I suppose I should use this opportunity to re-introduce this:

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