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Kay's Naturals Protein + Cookie Bites

 I finally tried Kay's Naturals Cookie Bites over the past weekend.  I packed two sample packs into my bag for the plane ride, knowing full well I would be offered, "Chips?" for breakfast.  (I was. @jetblue has great food choices.  Chips or cookies at 7am.)

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Now, I have to tell you the truth, I don't remember how I got me the samples if I bought them or if they were given to me, because they did not come from Kay's.  So, it's a mystery.  Was it you,!  I THINK WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

Each "cookie" bite is not a cookie, much.  It's a huge hunk of cereal.  It's a big, crunchy, nugget, a treasure chest of cereal.  Sort of like "Puffins" cereal if you've ever tasted that.

 They are described as having "almond butter" filling.  I bit through at least 15 looking for it, I think I may have been expecting a SPLOOTCH of almond butter, because I do not LIKE nut butter.  I was pleased that there wasn't any moist buttery splootch.  There was only a tiny smidgen of dry nut butter, microscopic even. 

 The ingredients are all sorts of awesome -

Soy protein isolate, rice flour , yellow degermed corn flour, almond butter, corn starch, evaporated cane juice, natural honey, pea fiber, almond meal, inulin, tapioca starch, cinnamon powder, baking powder, natural flavoring, stevia.

 The stats are pretty super too-

 Picture 9

I did, however have the immediate urge to dump the bag into a bowl and pour unsweetened soy or almond milk over them.  NOMS FOR THE WIN.  And, I might just do that next time.

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