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Plastic Surgery Down 17%

1zoj1pi Plastic surgery after massive weight loss (especially after weight loss surgery) is common.  Reconstructive surgeries would be more frequent if the prices weren't so prohibitive, as many procedures aren't touched by health insurance.

But, you might be able to get a lower price on plastics now?  Since -- sales have dropped -- DRASTICALLY.

"...Recent figures from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery say the number of cosmetic procedures in the U.S. — from eyelid lifts to liposuction — fell by 17 percent from 2008 to 2009.

"It's the economy. People don't have the disposable income," said Dr. Darryl Blinski, a Miami plastic surgeon. He has cut the price of a tummy tuck from $8,000 to $6,000; saline breast augmentation from $5,500 to $3,800."

THAT IS A BARGAIN.  WOW.  Don't come to Boston.  O-o

She's following me.

 Picture 17
Everywhere I go.  Paula Deen is there. With her Big. Blue. Eyes. And Orange Skin.  And Philly Cream Cheese.  She is taunting me.  She's been in my leader board, thank you Google Adsense.  She's in my Statcounter.  She's FOLLOWING.  HER EYES, THEY MOVE.  Picture 18



US News - 

We now have scientific proof that something most of us suspected for a long time actually exists: an addiction to junk food. According to an article on foodconsumer.org:

"...The worst part is that the rats became so addicted to the junk food, they began compulsively eating it, despite the fact that they received an unpleasant electric shock to their feet if they consumed more than was allowed."

In contrast, rats that were given a healthy diet and only limited access to junk food did not gain much weight; more impressively, they knew when they needed to stop to avoid a junk food hangover.Rather than just prove addiction to junk food, scientists ought to be all about finding a chemical cure for the addiction. We have biochemical aids to help end our addictions to nicotine, heroin, and all manner of other harmful chemicals. Why can't we find one to cure our addiction to carbohydrates? 

Bariatric surgery is now known to fail more often than not because--though surgery can trim the size of the stomach--if the person's underlying addiction to carbohydrates isn't cured along with the surgery, over time the weight comes back. Let's hope that cure is the next goal for nutrition researchers.


And the crowd of cracker eating (just an example, don't shoot me, I know you might be eating worse, I'm a bagel girl) WLS'ers CHEERS.  



Thomas' Bagel Thins! OMG 110 Calories of, Bagel?


Imagine my surprise when I saw these at the store yesterday.  BAGELS!  BUT!  THIN!  YES!  PLEASE JUMP IN TO MY CART!  

The problem with typical bagely goodness and gastric bypassed kids?  They are big, doughy, sticky, full of carbs and very high calorie.  (Even if when toasted, are the most delightful product on earth.)

I bought two packs, Plain and Everything.  The "Everything" variety is my son's favorite, but the big nearly 300 calorie Thomas Bagel, with butter, cream cheese or peanut butter is a calorie dense meal, and he won't dare eat one without a schmear.  

I bought these really thinking of him, carb-boy, and yes, myself, with the 100 calorie mini-bagel addiction which has turned into a 150 calorie mini bagel addiction because one is not enough anymore. 


They boast 110 calories, 4 grams of fiber and no HFCS.

Product Details:

Only 110 calories. Thin. Pre-sliced. Did you know every serving of Thomas' Plain Bagel Thins has: 4 g of fiber - a good source; no high fructose corn syrup; no artificial sweeteners; 0 g of trans fat; no cholesterol; and is low in fat. Classic bagel taste - long lasting freshness! Thomas' makes bagels special - 125 years of baking experience ensures soft, fresh-baked bagel goodness - for breakfast, lunch or anytime. And they are conveniently pre-sliced for toasting and topping ease.


Unbleached Enriched Wheat Flour [Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Reduced Iron, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Folic Acid], Water, Sugar, Cellulose Fiber, Cornmeal, Yeast, Salt, Monoglycerides, Wheat Gluten, Preservatives (Calcium Propionate, Sorbic Acid), Guar Gum, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Soybean Oil, Soy Flour.

I toasted one last night, and my first realization was, it's not a bagel.  Bagels and dense, chewy, and... shiny.  These are dry and dense, part bread, part 99 cent per dozen English Muffin.  Not. a. bagel.  It made my addition of fat free cream cheese?  All wrong.  (I know, fat free cream cheese is all wrong as well, this made it doubly dry.)

Although -- Hungry Girl Said: 

Imagine a fantastic hybrid of one of the above flat sandwich breads and a standard bagel. Yup, it exists. Thomas' makes 'em in Plain, 100% Whole Wheat and Everything, and they're soooo good! They taste like real bagels. Only flatter. (And no, you can't actually taste the flatness.)

No way.  No freaking way.

The bagel did not "toast" as a bagel toasts, it did not get that crispy acrylamide love.  

It was dry, bread-y, meh.   

You could not only taste the flatness, it's all that you taste.  The bottom is totally dry, powdery even.

I would not, could not, eat these as a 110 calorie bagel, like I'd hoped.  I will have to ADD STUFF to it.  A hamburger!  Maybe.  LOL.  Chicken salad?  Sure.  This morning, perhaps Eggbeaters, green onions and cheese.  Because, it's SNOT A BAGEL.

  • Product - Thomas' Bagel Thins
  • Via - Grocery Store
  • Price - $2.50 
  • Pros - Circular, with a hole, 110 calories
  • Cons - It's not a bagel, it's not a donut.
  • Rating - Neutral.  I would stick with the mini-ones, or the 100% Whole Wheat Thomas Bagels at 240 Calories for the entire thing, or 120 for half.

Hold your ovaries.

First photo is my post RNY baby, (Keeping this on topic, you see?) the others are my niece and nephew, but MY GAWD ARE THEY NOT GORGEOUS?!




Heart Failure.

Watching Jamie Olivers' Food Revolution.

 Picture 13
I mean, we are still overweight, my kids are overweight, but... I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, I have never done this.  

My son won't eat anything with COLOR or fiber  (I am not kidding you) BUT, the child does not get frozen pizza. 

I think I need to go pack lunches.  Now.  The reasoning behind my "not packing lunches"?  It's cheaper.  I'm lazy, and the boy.  He would eat nothing but peanut butter on carbs, and we have done that, and I fear most of it ends up in the trash no matter what anyway.  At least paying for school lunch -- he eats something.  The girls?  Eat salads and wraps.  But, I think we're in a "lucky" area?  Or something.

Hormel Chili + Dinty Moore Beef Stew = Party In My Pouch.

 IMG Hormel Chili ad WD 1953 

Happy 75th anniversary! Hormel chili and Dinty Moore! 

What began with one product each has evolved into twenty varieties today from www.hormelfoods.com  

I remember eating Hormel Chili and Dinty Moore Beef Stew as a kid.  Those are foods I thought I would never ever you know, eat again in my new lifestyle.

Ask any weight loss surgery post op what one of their first forays into solid foods after surgery was.  It may have very well been, CHILI.  Sounds crazy, right?  CHILI?!  


(Mmm, chili, on a hot dog, on a white carb.  Uh, no.  Even if it is a good time.)

But, chili is one of those relatively safe starter foods. Hormel canned turkey chili was one of first "baby post op foods" I tried, in tiny portions.  I would pour out 1-2 ounces in small little Rubbermaid containers and line them up in the fridge.  One single can that normally feeds, what, one hungry person?  Fed me for meals and meals.  ;) 


The nutrition stats aren't too bad, and for the protein, you can't beat it:

 Picture 12  

These days, I like the regular variety of Hormel Chili, and I fortify it by ADDING MORE BEANS.  WOOT.  Or, is that POOT?  Or, I've graduated to these.  YUM.

 Dinty Moore Beef Stew, I have to admit I have a soft spot for that stuff.  In fact it's what I remember Beef Stew BEING, when I grew up and made my own first POT OF BEEF STEW, it wasn't the same and I was DISAPPOINTED.  :x 

  Dinty Moore Beef Stew by Umpqua

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Visit my sponsor: As American as apple pie

The Fresh Diet - Day Four - Choices.

Today, I fear, is the last day of my trial of The Fresh Diet.  The part that really stinks about that?  Is that today is the first/only day that I picked the menu myself.  *beam*  

That translates to better targeted nutrition for me in a day like this as a post roux en y gastric bypass patient, because I don't really choose carbs like granola, oatmeal, etc. ever! on purpose.  EVER.  (Which have been in my meals, just two, but still.)  

The Fresh Diet doesn't have plans for "Post WLS" people.  I have been asked that question, and I have been yelled at, also.  "OMG, You Have CHEESECAKE?"

"Yes, and I have always eaten cheesecake, I will allow myself three bites of anything."

The Fresh Diet program isn't "for" gastric bypass patients, but you know -- it comes pretty close to what my portion sizes have been or "should  be."  Some times I can eat much, much more than the plan would give me, but most of the options have been just about filling me right up.  Burp.  It all depends on the type of food.  I will get into this more when I wrap it up - but I just wanted to put that out there - the portions are quite appropriate at my stage in this game.  

And for someone who has always sort of crutched onto protein bars -- food is likely better for me sometimes.  ;)


I inhaled this before I took a photo when it was plated and hot.  :x  Just picture a slice of eggy frittata with a layer of thinly sliced sweet potato.

Snack - Cheese Stuffed Artichoke Bottom - I adored this... I may have to try to re-create this as an appetizer

  Lunch -  Yum!  I hope the hell this digests, because, I love this stuff.  I just... sometimes have lettuce issues.

 DSC_8402  DSC_8403
Snack -  I gave this to a kid.  I had some leftover tofu as a snack.

 DSC_8397  DSC_8398
 Dinner -


Kay's Naturals Protein + Cookie Bites

 I finally tried Kay's Naturals Cookie Bites over the past weekend.  I packed two sample packs into my bag for the plane ride, knowing full well I would be offered, "Chips?" for breakfast.  (I was. @jetblue has great food choices.  Chips or cookies at 7am.)

 Picture 8
Now, I have to tell you the truth, I don't remember how I got me the samples if I bought them or if they were given to me, because they did not come from Kay's.  So, it's a mystery.  Was it you, GastricBypassSupplements.com?!  I THINK WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

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"How to lose your belly?"

 Picture 4 

Who makes these silly diet ads and considers them effective?  


"Look, I WAS four months pregnant, and THEN I was a fitness model in a porno after I took your pill!"

It disgusts me.  I am very lucky that these ads rarely show up on my blog.  Thank you Google.  In fact, I've only had to block a handful of bizarre-o ads like this.

Forcing it upon you.

I had a couple videos up on YouTube, well, they weren't videos, but they were photographs set to music. YouTube blocked 'em due to the music.  Hiss.  I'm a little twitchy because while I was away at fitbloggin' Mr 'cleaned up my computer' and we aren't going to discuss what's missing.

This time, I uploaded photos sans music and I am forcing you to look at them.

This is my trip to Baltimore and fitbloggin'.  I didn't take as many photos as usual, surprising!  

(But, thank you SUE for putting up with my awkward stops, harassing the homeless in very nice ways and photos.  I told you, my brain works in photos now.)

01 Good Morning Baltimore