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Mini Turkey Pepperoni

I squealed when I saw these at the grocery store last week:Picture 32 

Mini Turkey Pepperoni.

Shopping with me is, "fun?"  Because I am always looking for something new and that isn't often for a girl who typically buys her food at The Wal*Marts, you see.

Bring me to Whole Foods?  I DROP DEAD.  Because, not only can I not fathom spending $400+ on groceries, I WANT TO.  I WANT IT ALL.

Going to The Wal*Marts and finding a pack-o-baby-pepperoni?  EX-CIT-INNNNNG!

Baby pepperonis on baby crackers!  Baby pepperonis burnt in the microwave for chips on salads!  Added for juuuuust a taste of spice in... eggs?  Nom nom nom.  I'm a fan of the pepperoni.

Hormel Foods Corp., Austin, Minn., is rolling out Hormel Turkey Pepperoni Minis.

The round, bite-sized Minis have the same taste as Hormel Turkey Pepperoni and 70-percent less fat than regular pepperoni, the company reports. 

Merchandised in the refrigerated meat cases of retailers nationwide, Hormel Turkey Pepperoni Minis are sold in four-ounce packages with a suggested retail price of $3.49.

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