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Your mom goes to college.

I'm matriculating.  That sounds naughty.  (And, I would like to know why Zemanta - the plug in that I have added that adds the links lately, is offering to add a photo of the POPE to this post?)

I just got off the phone with the financial aid advisor, and I was able to get enough Financial Aid to cover at least part time courses for this year.  Next year, perhaps three-quarter time and maybe then full-time courses, and so on.  Frankly, I'm surprised.  But, it's covered in full!

Part-time is good.  Considering my likelihood of walking away from the computer and sometimes not having 100% attention, tasks may take me extra time.

The first class, is a class on how to teach me how to take a class.  That will do.

After that, delving into topics around:  Advertising.  

Advertising Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree Online Program

Are you surprised?  Did you think I would choose Animal Husbandry?

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