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I am posting a sort of naked photo, so you better be nice.

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I went shopping today to find an outfit or two to wear to the Obesity Help SO CA Weight Loss Conference.

I had promised that I would do a live product review of the Slimpressions "The Have Nots" Body Shaper.  I have to tell you - 

I need MORE Slimpressions.  

All of them.   I want my WHOLE BODY COMPRESSED.  I felt 100% more secure once my extra skin was, you know, IN PLACE.  Not that I haven't had, you know, my belly squished into Spanx, but this was different.  My arms were compressed, as well as my sides, back, belly and hips.  And, it, um, gave me boobs.  I'm a 36A.  This made Things Appear Larger Than They Actually Are.

Here is the product on a model on the website:

  Picture 119

Um.  I took a blurry iPhone photo in the dressing room before I tried on an outfit, in only the shaper. Don't laugh, because I'm likely to delete it and run and cry.


I GUARANTEE YOU, that sans the Slimpressions?  

I resemble a puddle, a Sharpei or a melted candle, and my arms are a complete mess.  This made me feel AWESOME up top, I just need another garment for my thighs and legs, and I would feel much more content to try on clothes and FIT IN THEM more like they are supposed to fit.   

PS.  I will post again when I get myself a bottom piece and wear the whole thing together and take over the world.



My lowest weight was about 150 lbs, and I was a wrinkly, saggy mess of empty skin. 

Currently I am 174 lbs. and I have a TON of fat and skin left at this point, having been up to 320 lbs and through four pregnancies, I could use all the compression (duct tape!?) I can get.

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