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BELIEVE Protein Drink Mocha Latte


I ran out of soy milk this morning.  I thought I might open a protein shake and use it as "cream."  (I do this often -- particularly with vanilla RTD shakes or others that I have tried and did not enjoy and do not want to waste.)

I realized I have six of these "Believe" Protein Drinks in the fridge for review.  I poured half into my coffee and the rest into a glass for review.

Believe Protein comes from Bariatric Eating -- and is described as -

"You have never tasted anything quite as delicious as Believe, our new ready-to-drink sensation. Smooth and delicious coffee lattes filled with healing protein & natural energy – packed in premium glass bottles, they’re a pleasure to sip. 

The nutrition -


120 calories, 0 fat, 5 carbs, 3.5 grams of sugar.  Pretty damn good stats!

What's in it?  

Mocha: INGREDIENTS: Brewed Arabica coffee (coffee and water), EasyGest protein blend (milk protein concentrate and whole grain brown rice protein), carageenan, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, calcium hydroxide, caffeine, Ace-K, sucralose, niacin, pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine HCL. 

 I shook the bottle, violently, because the bottom was all chocolaty.  (The photo is post-shaking.)  I popped the top and the label started coming completely off, so I had to get the camera before I had a nude glass bottle.  

I poured half into my coffee - and the rest into a glass.  The sniff test?  Gah.  Same reaction I got last time to a very similar product with a different label.  (I have been told that it's not the same product -- and also that it is, so it's up to you to read the labels and make your choice.)  

Edited to add: After an hour or so... I think I have decided that it's not -- at least this product WAS changed.  My reaction to this taste was vile, whereas to the previous product, I didn't make a sour face.

This particular flavor the ready to drink protein coffee has a unique odor.  Though, it might be described as coffee milk - remember that syrup from when you were a kid?  Did you have that coffee syrup -- or was it a regional thing?  

The taste is also not unlike coffee milk.  The initial flavor is okay, super-sweet and milky, and then it's a bit sour and protein-y.  

Do you recall that short stint of SUGAR FREE MOCHA that Starbucks had?  It was a sugar free syrup that they used and discontinued very quickly.  It's THAT chocolate flavor that I am tasting, suspended inside protein.  The Believe is not even too far off of the bottled Starbucks Light Frappucinno drinkbut with added protein texture and after taste.  If you're a fan of the 'bucks drink - this might please you, perhaps if you added a shot of espresso to it -- or a VIA packet?

The texture, it looks super smooth, aside from the chocolate lumps that were stuck to the bottom and top.  You can tell this is a protein product.  There is a bit of a powdery or grainy texture to it.  (I noted it with the other product too.)  You can feel it on your tongue.

On it's own, I cannot drink it.  It's sitting here, lonely in it's glass.

Added to my espresso - it was very unpleasant.  It soured my coffee.  However, when I added a shit load of sweetener, it was better, but I still do not like it.  At all.  

I only have one bottle, so I won't be attempting protein recipes with it - but if I had a CASE - I would take this - put it in the blender with ICE, a VIA PACKET, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a shot of sugar-free syrup in mint.

Now, to be fair in advance, because this is a privately labeled product that I have tried other flavors of, I think this is the WORST of the flavors, if it IS the same product, or at least damn near exact.  I honestly enjoyed other flavors, so I will review those as well and let you know.  

But this Mocha Latte, nothankyouverymuch.


This was about an hour later - I let it sit - the chocolate sunk again.

 Also - it may be important to note -- I hated other bottled coffee protein drinks - remember achievOne?

  Picture 16

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