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Almost gone.


I can't say that I'm sad that summer is almost over.


It's been a long, hot, long, and hot summer vacation. Since I haven't been driving since early spring, the kids have been b-o-r-e-d.  School will be a welcome relief for them, even though it's usually not on the top of their list. 


I don't suggest not hanging at home six to seven days a week in 90-95 degree weather for anyone with four kids.  IT SUCKS, and?  IT SUCKS.  I'm repeating for the sake of MAKING THE POINT.


I can only hope by NEXT summer I can drive again, but my brain said "no thank you" with a seizure this morning.  Super.  I had a extraordinarily stressful weekend, I thought for sure it would be a trigger for a seizure, but strangely enough my brain did not CTRL ALT DLT until this morning, while quiet and peaceful. 


Afterwards, I thought about again selling this house and moving to where there is public transportation, preferably near the ocean.  It's about 100% unlikely, but still, a nice big rental house in center of town?  I need one.


I've been thinking about redesigning and rebranding "MM."   SHOCK!  Heh.  No, not really.  I brainstormed on Facebook the other day.

I might want a new color.  I love my pink, I do, but there's so. many. blogs. with PINK!  And, in Cincinatti, TWICE, I was talked to, about "my blog" by two people "about my recipes" and "my site" -- who clearly had no idea who MM was.  LMFAO.  They might know now!  I inducted at least one to the BBGC.

And, pink doesn't feel so MM anymore.  We came up with some names -- some options -- while I am likely to ALWAYS remain MM -- maybe I need an icon or better "branding" -- I mean I trademarked it!

So - "MM - Bariatric Bad Ass?"  Props to Kid Rock.  Just saying.  Or, maybe something more like HER, it's SO PERFECT.  :)  Nobody else would.

Dear Internet, YOU'RE FAT.



Appropriate?  You'd think we would know better than not to listen to that kind of input - but it sort of infiltrates your brains.  I got an email from a Facebook friend, she shared that someone on weight loss support page posted about weight loss bloggers.

The poster asked basically, if anyone should read anything or take advice from bloggers who are fat.  Bloggers after WLS, whom are still fat, specifically.

Enter exhibit A:  Your friendly WLS Blogger Beth, weighing in with a BMI of 29.6 this morning.  (The horror!)

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Your friendly WLS blogger was "obese" until a few days ago. Yes, OBESE.

In fact, I've been in the obese BMI range for much of the past year. (OH NO!  CLOSE THE PAGE RIGHT NOW, BETH IS AN OBESE SOW, YOU MIGHT CATCH HER DISEASE OF MORBID OBESITY.)

I am six years and five months post op.  I weigh 167 pounds and I am 5 feet 3 inches tall. This is pretty much an average weight of the last six years.  This is basically ME, where I land.

The question is, since I am still FAT, do my words mean less?

If I were 150 lbs, am I worth more as a blogger?  140, 130, 120?  Underweight?  Is there a guideline?  If I were 130 pounds -- would I get more respect (SHAKING HEAD VEHEMENTLY YES, I KNOW I WOULD.) as a person, as a blogger?

Skinny Beth is/was much more respected than pudgy Beth who is much more respected than very morbidly obese Beth.

I do note the gushing love that some online personas (Anyone, on Youtube, Facebook, elsewhere...it's a phenomenon, watch...) GET when they drop weight and get to a low point.  That gushing stops when they go back to a normal body size.  It's GOT to mess with their heads.  I'm watchng at least two people I know play with serious ED, you know, to get as small as possible post WLS.

Shut up about 167 pounds "not being fat" because OMG!! you can't wait to get under 200 lbs.  I get that 1,000,000% over.  I get it. I get it.  But, from the perception of a fellow WLS person-at-goal, I AM FAT. (Technically.)

A WLS person-at-goal might look at a 167 pound post op as a failure.  Especially when they're in the magical sparkly time of I Am Better Than All Of You Fat Smelly People.  I Just Lost All MY Weight And Will Never Regain, Bitches!

"Heh, look at her with her fat legs, she sucks."  It is just reality.  I do NOT feel that way.

I have a very, very different perception of success post WLS.  And, it is NOT about weight. (Different post.)

But, clearly, if this person posted it, it's something to be discussed. You know people think it.

Are WE, the STILL OVERWEIGHT AFTER WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY or even simply AFTER MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS via diet, to be ignored because we "obviously" fuck up?  (Again, not the way I feel.  That's someone else's perception of a fat person post WLS.)

You will notice something unique about the blogging world of people-during-and-after-weight-loss.  Folks will write their HEARTS OUT before they lose weight, during weight loss, and then they disappear.  Poof, gone.  Sometimes it's a good thing because they've moved on to a different time of life, and they're out climbing mountains and shit.  However, oftentimes, they stop sharing because they start "failing."

For me, I know the moment I announced my pregnancy in 2006 on this blog, I changed the header to ducks or something and immediately stopped referring to weight.  It was like, "THAT'S IT!  NO MORE WEIGHT TALK!  I AM GAINING!"

But, I carried on, because I know that there's lots of you out there who don't.  I get emails from people that had WLS back in the dark ages, who used to chat with me, they come back and say, "I don't know what happened, I can't believe you're still writing, I need help!"  I truly feel that staying in touch keeps you grounded in so many ways, and keeps you at a certain level of "success" that you might not maintain on your OWN.

Yeah, I said it.  SUCCESS.  I am successful. BOOYAH.  RAAR.

Maybe not to "her," the blog-reader who doesn't like pudgy post WLS patients, but <insert curse word> her.

Post ops like "her" are busy trying to idolize someone who lies about their weight, newsflash!! The Internet?  IT LIES.  Go read some weight loss blogs, in depth. I challenge you.  Go see what people are REALLY DOING.  They're not sipping protein and playing with shake weights, honey.


I told you it works.

167 pounds.  Haven't seen that in, uh, at least a year.




I would suggest Not Buying Groceries to anyone looking to drop a little regain.

Like I said, "If it ain't in the house, you can't eat it."  Please note my sarcasm.

And, also note that as soon as some groceries appeared in the kitchen last night, I made two slices of bread, schmeared mayo on 'em and popped a frozen chicken patty between.  <blergh>

The grocery choices brought home were on the cheap, it's funny how you immediately lose quality for quantity.  .88 cent bread!  WAHOO!  .88 cent frozen dinner?  WHY NOT!?  Eww.   I would prefer not to make shopping cheaply a habit, it's very easy to slip into "POPTARTS, THEY'RE ONLY $!  LOOK!"  It made me think back to when we HAD to shop cheaply.  Hello Hamburger Helper!  Hey Little Debbie!  It's so obvious why people eat like shit, it's so much cheaper.

Kashi Go Lean + Unsweetened soy milk, you're much better for me than .88 cent toast and butter.

I'm scared.

I might be a little more than horrified at these, sold as Post Bariatric Surgery Pureed Food choices:

Picture 11


  • Convenient – no need to puree your own foods from scratch
  • Offers proper nutrition
  • Food is fully cooked
  • Tastes great
  • Includes free portion tray
  • Packs for gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and lab band surgery
  • Pre-surgery group meeting trial pack available
  • Gastric bypass surgery pack ships free!
  • Costs less than $5 per day!

These products are typically meant for those with swallowing disorders or dysphagia, but, apparently bariatric patients are enjoying canned eggs, beef stew and .... *dies*

I cannot even imagine attempting this right after surgery, I couldn't even get water down.  *SHIVER*  I must admit pureed food really didn't happen either, much.  If it needed to be blended, it wasn't going in my body.  Meat shake, anyone?

Woman works to lose 125 pounds the old fashioned way - WMBFNews.com | Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC | News, Weather, Sports

Woman works to lose 125 pounds the old fashioned way - WMBFNews.com | Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC | News, Weather, Sports.

Why is it -- that when a diet or weight loss story is shared on the news -- they've got to word it THIS WAY?  "Without WLS...with resorting to surgery!"  And, how is losing 40 pounds, news? 

A Miami woman is working on losing more than 125 pounds without weight loss surgery, pills, a special diet or joining the gym.

Lisette Ross is on a mission, fighting obesity and working to get her weight down. She has lost 40 pounds since April when she decided to take the first step.

"By the time I delivered my daughter, I was 263," Ross said. "I managed to maintain a good 252 to 255, which is what I weighed at the end of April - 252-and-a-half pounds."

Her goal is 125 pounds, Lisette's weight when she got married. She wants to literally lose half her body weight without resorting to surgery.

"I've heard too many people with complications," she commented. "I've heard too many people who've managed to gain the weight back."

Lisette, dear, 90% diets fail.  Morbidly obese who diet almost ALWAYS regain the weight back in a cycle of lose/regain/lose/regain.  Sure there are those who beat the odds, there are a few reading this blog who have lost weight "naturally!" and kept it off, but talk to them... it's really no different overall.  Many of us end up dieting again, surgery or not.

Bariatric Advantage Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Powder

Pre Order Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Today!

  • Unique "cross flow micro-filtration" supplying higher levels of undenatured protein
  • Highest biological value protein
  • PDCAAS of 100
  • Naturally supplies branched-chain amino acids (25% of protein
  • Specially pre-digested to contain di- and tri-peptides which may help absorption
  • Low glycemic index
  • Fat-free
  • No artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners (no aspartame, no acesulfame K)
  • Easy to use - it mixes easily
  • Chocolate and Vanilla
  • 2lb (40 servings)

Valued Priced at Bariatric Advantage now.

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Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost Protein Bar

Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost

"The nutrition of puffed soy crisps combines with the classic taste of ripe autumn apples and fresh ground cinnamon. We finish it off with a light frosted glaze of creamy yogurt for a delicious, low-carb delight (5g Net Carbs)."

I don't have a photo of this bar because I ate it Tuesday night during an online chat, and though I could show you a reasonable facsimile, I can't find any online.

Here comes my sensory aid.  The Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autum Apple Frost is a big, honking, soy-nuggety, apple cinnamon flavored protein bar, bathed in a super sweet yogurt-like glaze.

The soy is not really that puffy nor crispy, it's quite nuggety, and thick, and even chewy, slighty ooey gooey, but juuuuuust a tiny bit.

This is a substantial bar.  And, I ate it all gone.

I liked it.  Nom nom nom. I sort of loved on it.

In fact, if you were in the chat, you "saw" me eating it.  :x  You warned me to put. it. down.  I got full.

Picture 7

I hadn't read the nutrition label QUITE ENOUGH before eating it, because I was sucked in by the 5! Net! Carbs! on the front of the wrapper.

And, there's 20 grams of protein!  And, only 2 grams of sugar!  And, vites!


We know where this is going.  This bar has 32 grams of carbohydrate in other various forms, including 22 grams of sugar alcohols.  Which means, there are 10 carbs (soy, rice flour, etc...) and 22 sugar alcohols via glycerine and maltitol, which can have a moderate to high GI level in some forms.

I died.  On my desk.  Wrapper in hand.  I dumped bad, heart pounding bad.  (I get the same reaction from other protein bars.  It's not you, it's me, sorry RS.)

Okay, so I survived (Sorry!) but not before I crashed into bed and offended my family.

(Now, disclosure, as always, you may not be effected by sugar alcohols as I am or my husband, mother in law, and sister in law ARE after gastric bypass.  It's foul.)

That said, it's my own fault, for not really paying attention.  Had I read carefully, I would have had 1/4 of the bar for review only.  I know better.  I'm a dumbass, who likes sweet, chewy bars.

PS. The following poster and I often disagree - however - this is one product we apparently agree on!

  • Product - Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost Protein Bar
  • Via - Revival Soy, Nashua Nutrition
  • Price - $2-$2.75/bar - $41.99 per 15 bars | $74.99 per 30 bars = $2.50 a bar
  • Pros - Quite yummy, very filling, dense, sweet.
  • Cons - Desk coma, family threats to move out.
  • Rating - Pouchworthyforthesteelbellied, MM

Metagenics Buys Bariatric Advantage in Win-Win Deal

Metagenics Buys Bariatric Advantage in Win-Win Deal

August 24th, 2010

Catalina Lifesciences Inc. is a practitioner supplement firm that I’ve had my eye on this year—and apparently, I am not the only one impressed with the innovative business model behind the company’s brand Bariatric Advantage, a nutritional supplement line designed specifically for weight-loss surgery patients. On August 20, the leading practitioner supplement company Metagenics Inc. announced it was purchasing Catalina Lifesciences for an undisclosed amount.

bariatric advantage bottle

Helping meet the unique nutritional needs of the 230,000 Americans who undergo weight-loss surgery each year was the impetus behind the creation of Bariatric Advantage in 2002. “After undergoing bariatric surgery, a patient requires special nutritional attention for the remainder of his or her life,” Thomas Kinder, president and CEO of Catalina Lifesciences, told Nutrition Business Journal earlier this year. Once a weight-loss surgeon introduces his or her patient to the Bariatric Advantage line of products, that person could ostensibly be a customer for decades, Kinder added. “The average age for [bariatric] surgery is 40, so it’s a relationship that we could maintain for many, many years.”

The Bariatric Advantage business is a “perfect fit” with Metegenics’ mission of using therapeutic nutrition to combat chronic illness, said Metagenics CEO Fred Howard. “Working together, Metagenics and Bariatric Advantage will shape the market in the rapidly growing bariatric nutrition field,” said Howard (who took over as CEO on August 16, when Metagenics Founder and CEO Jeff Katke became the company’s chairman). “We will continue to invest in scientific validation, new product development and distribution to support these programs.”

Both Metagenics and Bariatric Advantage have successfully sold conventional medical doctors on the benefits of nutritional supplementation—which I believe will play a key role in growing and strengthening the legitimacy of the dietary supplement market moving forward. In the case of Bariatric Advantage, Catalina Lifesciences has relied on practitioner education to bring the majority of bariatric surgeons operating in the United States on board with its supplement products.

“Even though they are doing these invasive procedures that can cause nutritional problems, bariatric surgeons don’t receive nutritional training or generally know much about nutrition,” said Jacqueline Jacques, ND, chief of scientific affairs for Bariatric Advantage. “The more we increase what we do with education and support services, the better our [surgeon] retention is and the more we continue to experience accelerated growth, even in a down economy.”

Bariatric Advantage also uses the Internet to support its surgeons’ sales. According to Kinder, the company has built e-stores for more than 500 of its bariatric surgeon customers, who typically sell Bariatric Advantage supplements as a value-added service for their patients. “Obviously, the e-commerce component helps with sales, but it also enables patients to stay in contact with their doctor and learn about changes to the nutrition protocol for this category,” Kinder told NBJ. Thanks to help from the Internet and customers who require specific nutritional supplements for the rest of their lives, nearly 60% of Bariatric Advantage’s sales are generated via auto-ship programs set up on the web, Kinder said.

Under the Metagenics’ umbrella, Bariatric Advantage will retain its branding and continue to be run by Kinder and his leadership team. Said Kinder, “The additional resources provided by Metagenics’ research, business systems and global presence will expand our ability to bring the advantages of our products to a much broader audience of bariatric patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.”

The Word - Control-Self-Delete

Surgically altering your appearance and getting rid of old friends will make you the ideal job candidate.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - Control-Self-Delete
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

About Time 100% Whey Protein Isolate

About Time 100% Whey Protein Isolate is a low calorie high protein ZERO carbohydrate protein supplement.  WHAT?!  Wait!

"The time for compromising taste or nutrition has ended. One sip of About Time Whey Protein Isolate, and you’ll know this is something special. No chalky aftertaste. No artificial sweeteners. Just a clean, natural protein supplement with a taste you’ll appreciate and a superiority your body will feel. Delicious enough to mix with just water, great in skim milk, a smoothie or added to your favorite yogurt. Professional athletes, weekend jocks and active people of all ages have discovered About Time is great before or after a workout, and an ideal snack between meals.

All protein supplements are not equal. Unlike most other products, About Time is cold-pressed micro-filtered whey isolate which means the protein is absorbed more efficiently into your system. Most other protein supplements offer misleading labels and health claims, but About Time keeps it simple and 100% natural. Just look at the label – only 4 ingredients! For those managing diabetes, be assured that About Time is sweetened with Stevia, a naturally occurring no-calorie sweetener that does not affect blood glucose levels. A 2-pound container of About Time 100% Whey Protein Isolate contains 32 servings. No artificial flavoring. No artificial sweeteners. Each serving contains 101 calories, 24 grams of protein and 0 fat."

The nutritional profile makes it perfect for post weight loss surgery patients. Vanilla

It boasts:

  • 100% All Natural
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Growth Hormones
  • 25 grams of whey protein isolate in every scoop
  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Lactose Free, Gluten Free
  • Zero Fat, Zero Carbs

About Time is available in seven flavors:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Swirl
  • Mocha Mint
  • Peaches + Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

Photo 4

I screwed up.

I dumped one packet (like the one above) into 16 ounces of water, and realized after, that the suggestion was to use 8 ounces of water.

Instead of re-doing it, I just added another packet.  The calories in this About Time protein are so low, that it's only 200ish calories for two servings, and 50!! grams of protein.

What I have now, in front of me, is a Strawberry + Birthday Cake Protein Shake (two separate flavors) made with 16 ounces of water and nothing else.  I typically go with just. water. when I am trying to review a protein powder, because I like to doctor my shakes up after I get the gist of what they are Meant To Be on their own.

The smell of each flavor, before adding to water was merely sweet, no real pungent protein smell at all.  Dumped into my cup, it's a very fine powder with no clumps.  Mixed with too much water, it was very thin, and not at all sweet.  Mixed CORRECTLY, it's slightly creamy, but not at all thick.  There was no foaming even when I shook the crap out of the cup.

Mixed, it's a slightly thinner than a typical artificially sweetened protein powder, but still thick enough that it's not like a clear protein powder base.  Since I mixed two flavors, I can't really tell you if the Strawberry is great by itself, however, I CAN taste the vanilla from the "Birthday Cake" flavor, so the two mixed is YUMMY.  My only complaint is a slight dry lip feel afterwards, like most other whey proteins, but it's not really feeling that way IN my mouth.

One serving would have given me 102 calories, ZERO CARBS and 25 grams of protein.  Since I'm having two because of my mistake, I'm have 204 calories, ZERO CARBS and 50! grams of protein.  That, my friends, kicks protein ass.


This product is sweetened with Stevia, a natural plant based sweetener, and I can't tell.  Had you said it was sweetened with anything else, I wouldn't have known.

If you're looking for super low carbohydrate protein product that is naturally sweetened, About Time Protein is one to try.  After weight loss surgery, it's pretty imperative that we keep the carb level low and the protein level high, and two servings of this product would hit close to the minimum protein requirement for most early post ops.  I find that it's easy to sip, and not leaving any aftertaste, so as a new post-op, this would have gone down smoothly I bet.

And, remember that Consumer Reports biz about METALS in protein?  About Time tested their product:

Picture 3
Click to enlarge -- basically - there's nothing in it.  THUMBS UP.

I found a review from one of my Obesity Help.com pals on their website just now, LOL --

The best proteins ... so far July 19, 2010
Reviewer: Hala from Greenville, SC United States  

I have been using a lot of protein powders.  And tried and use many different brands over last 10 years.  These ATW proteins are unreal... there are so good.  My biggest problem is not to use too much per day and to make sure I get them before I run out - I really hope that they are as natural as the company claims they are - they just taste too good to be true..."

  • Price - Varies by product
  • Get $10 OFF with promo code "meltingmama" on 2 LB containers!
  • Pros - NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!?!  Very low calories per scoop of 25 grams of protein.  ZERO carbohydrates, whey protein isolate, no lactose.
  • Cons - Slight dry lip feel.
  • Rating - WICKED Pouchworthy, MM.


Post #1 of Many - OH Event Cincinnati!

I am sitting in Starbucks with my very well-loved iced cappucino using free wi-fi in Dayton, Ohio.  I will be boarding my plane to Boston by way of Chicago in another hour or so, and so ends another successful OH Event, thankyouKimandallyoureallyrock.

We inducted many new members to the BBGC, peers and professionals alike.  ;)  It's likely they do not realize what they have stepped into.  (But, again, it was confirmed, it isn't about being "BAD."  It's about being "real.")  Only one person refused to wear his bracelet, however, he is already one of the baddest "girls" in the group.  We luff you Bo.

Good times were had!  Including:  Clicktini Hotel Room Fun!  BBGC Cupcake Sharing!  Riding Of The Mechanical Bull Whilst SOBER!  Photobooth Shenagans!  Fashion Show Hotties!  Booty Shaking Fun! Touristing all OVER Cincinnati!  (Scary, YET!  SO BEAUTY-FULL... there is beauty in everything...)  INSPIRATIONAL STORIES!  (I have gone soft.  Yes.)  And, much, much, more!

Snark?  We haz it?  We wants it?  One little piece for now to pique your appetite?  A man whom I do not know -- noted that my sober vitaminwater drinking behavior getting ready for photobooth action:  "That's what alcohol will do to you."  What a shame.  It is a shame.  That he could not have fun.  :P

I will write in detail about the highlight (for me) of this event - it deserves it's own post when I get home and am able to add the photos.  And, it's a good one.  <3


Aside from the fact that I am completely and utterly skeeved out at the thought of b-e-d-b-u-g-s that are a rampant issue in this here city  (Go read today's US Today Paper), Cincinnati is a big old mess, a big old beautiful mess.  It's funny how you view things differently when you're always behind the camera.  I miss my camera.  <sniff>  I do, however, have my old camera -- and I got some shots of the city yesterday whist taking the Andrea tour.  (We found TOUCHDOWN JESUS!)

Other notable fun:  being accosted by homeless dudes, finding cream horns and not buying any, splitting a big bacon burger, sipping on a lemonade drink O-O, and taking a horse and carriage ride at 10pm.  (ACHOO,  I am SO allergic to horses.)

I am not paying for the interwebs (You can thank the plumber, etc, I am broke...) -- so I have only 30 minutes to share with you -- so my photos are uploaded and unedited, straight from my old camera -- I am unaware how they appear.