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Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost Protein Bar

Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost

"The nutrition of puffed soy crisps combines with the classic taste of ripe autumn apples and fresh ground cinnamon. We finish it off with a light frosted glaze of creamy yogurt for a delicious, low-carb delight (5g Net Carbs)."

I don't have a photo of this bar because I ate it Tuesday night during an online chat, and though I could show you a reasonable facsimile, I can't find any online.

Here comes my sensory aid.  The Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autum Apple Frost is a big, honking, soy-nuggety, apple cinnamon flavored protein bar, bathed in a super sweet yogurt-like glaze.

The soy is not really that puffy nor crispy, it's quite nuggety, and thick, and even chewy, slighty ooey gooey, but juuuuuust a tiny bit.

This is a substantial bar.  And, I ate it all gone.

I liked it.  Nom nom nom. I sort of loved on it.

In fact, if you were in the chat, you "saw" me eating it.  :x  You warned me to put. it. down.  I got full.

Picture 7

I hadn't read the nutrition label QUITE ENOUGH before eating it, because I was sucked in by the 5! Net! Carbs! on the front of the wrapper.

And, there's 20 grams of protein!  And, only 2 grams of sugar!  And, vites!


We know where this is going.  This bar has 32 grams of carbohydrate in other various forms, including 22 grams of sugar alcohols.  Which means, there are 10 carbs (soy, rice flour, etc...) and 22 sugar alcohols via glycerine and maltitol, which can have a moderate to high GI level in some forms.

I died.  On my desk.  Wrapper in hand.  I dumped bad, heart pounding bad.  (I get the same reaction from other protein bars.  It's not you, it's me, sorry RS.)

Okay, so I survived (Sorry!) but not before I crashed into bed and offended my family.

(Now, disclosure, as always, you may not be effected by sugar alcohols as I am or my husband, mother in law, and sister in law ARE after gastric bypass.  It's foul.)

That said, it's my own fault, for not really paying attention.  Had I read carefully, I would have had 1/4 of the bar for review only.  I know better.  I'm a dumbass, who likes sweet, chewy bars.

PS. The following poster and I often disagree - however - this is one product we apparently agree on!

  • Product - Revival Soy Smart-Carb Autumn Apple Frost Protein Bar
  • Via - Revival Soy, Nashua Nutrition
  • Price - $2-$2.75/bar - $41.99 per 15 bars | $74.99 per 30 bars = $2.50 a bar
  • Pros - Quite yummy, very filling, dense, sweet.
  • Cons - Desk coma, family threats to move out.
  • Rating - Pouchworthyforthesteelbellied, MM

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