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Support Groups After Weight Loss Surgery

Support Groups After Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery is only the first step in your weight loss journey.  It is often said that “surgery is only a tool.”  That is truth, and most patients need more help that the boost that a surgical procedure offers them in losing the weight.

There is help.

  • Become part of a local support group.

Often bariatric programs will provide this for you, in the form of a in-person peer group with patients from the same practice.  Sometimes the surgeons or bariatric coordinators will group together lots of patients whom have surgery around the same date.  This is to offer you the support of peers who understand exactly what you are going through at the same time as you are dealing with issues that arise in your post op life.  It’s a great opportunity to educate yourself and learn from the experiences of others.  Support groups can help you with these needs along with any questions about diet and exercise. Post-surgical support groups can provide you the opportunity for gathering information and learning about how to have a successful post WLS life.  This type of forum will allow you to discuss issues that will affect you daily in your personal and professional life.  The biggest thing to remember is that no question is too stupid to ask.  Others want to know exactly what you want to know, please ask your questions, it helps everyone.

Weight loss surgery often resolves the physical issues and co-morbidities of obesity, but you may also be facing the emotional issues suffered from years of living as a morbidly obese person.  Support is a key factor in recovery.  

What if an in-person support group isn’t available to you?


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