Maggie Goes on A Diet: Controversial Children's Book Aimed at Overweight Kids, plus Keith Ablow is a DOUCHE.
Mmm! Extend Snacks!

Taste the Rainbow Skittles Parody

I have no words.  

This rarely happens.

Disclaimer - this is not safe for WORK, or CHILDREN or your GRANDMA.  AT ALL.  I warned you not to click.

NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN.  Kick 'em out.  

"There are many different ways to market a product: Tout its advantages in quality or enjoyability, elicit big-name celebrity endorsements, or unsubtly depict that product being ejaculated onto a woman's face and chest by what looks like the unholy offspring of Napoleon Dynamite and McLovin. We're pretty sure this is in no way an actual, official advertisement, but we still can't shake the underlying fear that this guy is an integral part of the production line at the Skittles factory."

Skittles - Newlyweds - Dir. Cousins [Not affiliated with Wrigley or Skittles. Contains explicit content not suitable for minors] from Cousins on Vimeo.

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