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On Dooce, Divorce and The Hate of McHaters.

I'm a very casual Dooce blog reader (meaning:  I forget to open my RSS Feedreader, and open it to 1,000 new articles every so often...) but a fan nonetheless.  

I was a bit stunned when I read the news of her break up, but that's not why I write this post.  It's that Holy Crap The Hate That People Have For Her.  One Google search yields hoardes of bloggers with the angry and comments on genuine articles that also have the angry:  

"Oh my gosh, is this woman *still* whining about her life??? Give it a rest, sister!"

A few moments later I found myself reading comment after comment (after comment, comment, comment...) and realizing how close these bits of hatred come to things I've read about me.  Surely, my love-notes are on a much smaller scale, considering I am a baby blogger in comparison, but it's the same type vitriolic spew from angry women!   

You'll even find pros blogging about it!  


What I have learned -- or Do Not Blog If You're Going To Do This, Or -- Not Be Willing To Get The Shit Kicked Out Of You For it:  

#1 - Do Not Have Any Type Of Relationship Issue Ever -- Publicized -- On Your PERSONAL BLOG.  

Yes, I know it's your blog, your place to write about YOUR-SELF, and it's the choice of other people to not read it, but, damn it if they don't bring them selves into your life and invite their opinions to stay.  People are inherently curious, they cannot help it, and they luuuuuurve them a good train wreck.  

Dooce says, 

"The level of my fame is so minuscule in comparison to actual celebrity, but that does not make it any less strange to read the words of strangers who are publicly delighting in my pain, strangers who are actively rooting for me to break down. I've known to avoid reading it, but then the amount of it became so abundant that it bubbled up and spilled over into my lap, and wow. There it was. I politely wiped it to the side, but then another wave hit. And in the middle of that next dump someone said that they were going to make an anonymous call to try and get my kids taken out of my custody."

Now that I've been there (...am there currently...) -- I feel for her.  No amount of personal success fixes the pain of reading shit like that about yourself... over and over.   It doesn't even MATTER if she's rolling in cash and living in an IKEA sponsored living-space -- or ANYTHING.  It HURTS.  Money doesn't = any sort of happiness if you're being torn apart.

Dooce is the shit.  Fuck y'all jealous bitches.  You only WISH you could do what she has done.    She'll tell you off in those post here.  LOL.

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