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On last night's Intervention -- Julie. A gorgeous 40 year old mother of two, who happens to to be about seven to eight years post gastric bypass postop. She also, happens to have a little big problem in her smaller body. "Julie often turned to food and alcohol to find comfort in tough times. She had gastric bypass surgery when her weight ballooned, but now she spends her son's child support money." On alcohol, a lot of alcohol. You see... First thing you must note, Julie started drinking at six months post surgery. This is extraordinarily dangerous. Your surgeon told... Read more

FDA Backs Qnexa. o-O !!

Image via Wikipedia Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Oh. wow. That is all. Via LA Times - A panel of medical experts voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to endorse the controversial weight-loss drug Qnexa, clearing the way for the Food and Drug Administration to approve a new prescription obesity medication for the first time since 1999. The FDA will issue a final ruling later this year, but the agency typically follows the recommendations of its advisory committees. The 20-2 vote in favor of Qnexa was a surprising reversal from 2010, when the same advisory committee... Read more

My 600 Pound Life - Ashley - And Why Do I Like This Show?

I realized why I dig this show, just as it came to an end last night. It figures. You have to understand, I don't "do" weight loss shows. Typical weight loss makeover programs make me want to throw things while I count the product placements and analyze the commercials. I can't deal, here have some Extra gum with me? On My 600 LB Life, the weight loss surgery patients followed a similar time line as I did. I had the same surgery, in the same year. It's likely we had similar education and similar support options, aside from the whole... Read more

Thank you!

Congratulations! You have received a donation to your Walk from Obesity fundraising goal. Wellesse has donated $500.00 to you! Thank you Wellesse, you ROCK! Please DONATE or JOIN my Team Melting Mama + BBGC for the Walk From Obesity! Read more

Confessions and Topamax

Image via Wikipedia You may have noticed that I was food journaling for a brief time, and I quit. I told you before, I hate food journaling with an undying passion. It makes me want to eat more calories and play games with my calories, and I truly do not enjoy putting myself in diet-brain. When I am food journaling and see 1000 calories on the board, I may unconsciously just go to the kitchen and get a snack, because I've got room to spare, and so on and so forth. It fails me. Well, it worked at first. I... Read more

Qnexa has safety risks

Image via Wikipedia The weight loss drug Qnexa has some safety risks. Um, duh? It's PHENTERMINE + TOPAMAX. Sure, it can can work to help you lose weight, but your heart gets cranky and you forget what you were blogging about. The FDA says the effects can get worse over time. Super. Did I mention that although I couldn't feel my feet or remember my underwear -- I heart Topamax? Because, since I quit taking it? I have gained weight. And, what's this about getting worse over time -- I -- still can't remember anything. Send Qnexa. I don't care.... Read more

"TLC's My 600-lb Life follows four individuals--Melissa, Donald, Henry, and Ashley--over the course of seven years as they struggle to go from weighing over 600 lbs. to being at their ideal weight. Their journeys begin with gastric bypass surgery, which allows them to start losing weight." Last night, a man named Henry was featured. Henry is a super-sweet man in his late 40's. Henry has been obese since he was a child, and gained up to 715 lbs. Henry had gastric bypass with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston, who has done all of the surgeries for this television show, and... Read more

Adele. A most beautiful young woman with a voice to match. I am not even going to discuss her body shape, because I see no wrong -- HOWEVER -- after Mr. Lagerfeld calls you FAT -- and Vogue does this to your body? via Huffington Post Adele at the Grammy Awards - via Washington Post Obviously, the Vogue cover is photoshopped to the max. Certainly the Vogue cover photo was meant to be dramatic and glamourous, why must they shave off have her body? She's gorgeous AS SHE IS, let the people see that, and not aspire to a faked... Read more