TSA Strip-Search 'Humiliated' WLS Post Op Seeking Medical Treatment
Yes. This.

Susan Maria Leach Bariatric Eating Ships New Orders First, but not months old ones.

We have shipped many of the older Believe orders and are working our way through the rest. All old site orders will be fulfilled, they will all be handled either via shipping of product or credited. We continue to move forward and will have BariatricEating.com store back up again in about ten days and get back to our old selves soon. I thank those of you who have been forgiving and for those who have not been, I understand your frustration and even anger. Our new site is running smoothly, efficiently, has plenty of product that ships either next or second day - old site will be back soon as well.
    • "Thanks so much! I sure hope I get my product!
    •  I too would have been more understanding if there had been communication.
      When will the actual store reopen?
    • Now this is what you should have been posting all along. I think people would have been much more receptive and understanding to a little humility. I look forward to my credit since my order was cancelled but never refunded back in May.
    • I certainly hope that everyone gets either their product or a refund asap. I ordered from the new BEHealthy site on 7/12 - 2 cases of Believe Creme Brulee.. Shipment notification on 7/16 and received it 7/17. I love the fact that BE now has a fulfillment center in Cali. the shipping costs were pretty much 1/4 what I used to pay and it was speedy! Only my experience.. but I am sipping a Creme Brulee right now.. I missed them!
    • I ordered protien drinks on March 23, 2012, still waiting. Hope to recieve soon or get a refund. No reply to my last three emails.
    •  Oh my, I truly think that the old orders should be shipped FIRST!! What's up with someone that just ordered this month getting their order before a person that ordered in March??? Sure hope they get things going smoothly again soon!"

/bullshit continues 

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