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Lose weight without worrying about food? Imagine this?! Via Popular Science "Safe and effective weight loss doesn't yet come in a pill, but maybe one day it will. A new study has found a chemical that keeps mice from gaining weight through overeating. The drug also seemed to protect lab mice from some of the harmful effects of obesity: When researchers measured the mice's blood, they found reduced levels of insulin, cholesterol, and other molecules, compared to obese mice who didn't get the drug." 'Imaginary meal' tricks the body into losing weight - Salk Institute - News Release. “This pill... Read more

Via Bariatric Times - After you read this study, let's discuss: Did your nutritionist give YOU guidance in regards to carbohydrate intake after your roux en y gastric bypass surgery? Background: Exact carbohydrate levels needed for the bariatric patient population have not yet been defined. The aim of this study was to correlate carbohydrate intake to percent excess weight loss for the bariatric patient population based on a cross-sectional study. The author also aimed to review the related literature. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted, along with a review of the literature, about patients who underwent Roux-en-Y gastric... Read more

What does 2000 calories look like!?

I might be slightly disturbed by this, and it is blatantly obvious why I was 320 lbs, and even more clear How Easy It Is To Regain Weight After Bariatric Surgery. Just a few calories a day - it adds up so damned fast. My before-WLS diet would easily dwarf this 2000-calorie business. Related articles No long-term cost savings with weight loss surgery Leading Obesity Groups Call for Putting Health, Longevity and Quality of Life First When Considering the Economics of Bariatric Surgery Weight-Loss Surgery's Weird Alcoholism Risk (It's not weird.) Read more

How much water should I drink? Aren't we all supposed to have eight glasses of water a day? Or is it one ounce per pound of body weight? HELP! I see water challenges on social media sites constantly -- I never know what their purpose was for -- considering they look a lot like this: "EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND TAKE A DRINK OF WATER ---------- GOOD --------- NOW PEE!" I never caught on. Huffington Post - How much water am I meant to drink? Is it really eight cups a day? The notion that we must all... Read more

How Stress Affects Your Digestion and Weight - Running from a lion!

As I sit here, 11 months into the gut death, I wonder! This is highly interesting for PRE and POST weight loss surgery patients. Read more