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Like a weed, as they say.


For reference, the top photo is baby, day one at home with Dad at just under five pounds.

The second photo is baby, this week, with me, but you can't see my head, because he's grown a bit. 

Babies have a tendency to do this.  Mine, usually grow right off the growth chart. 

He has a check-up next week and we'll see if he's finally on the chart -- because -- he wasn't for a while.  Both of my post weight loss surgery babies started out smaller than my pre weight loss surgery babies.  Elliott, above here, is also the first baby I gestated while on a huge amount of anti epileptic medications, and I often wondered if he would be effected by marinating in toxins like my brain did (and still does... )

I will always wonder.


EEG Results - My poor brains - and do you still think I'm attention whoring and faking?

I got the first wave of bills from my health insurer yesterday for my vacation in the neurology unit at my hospital.  We have a 90/10 plan, so, yeah... seven days.  That's a lot of money.  While I left the hospital and immediately enjoyed 15 days seizure-free on new medication, the seizures came BACK.  I am now back in my regular pattern of complex partial seizures every 3-7 days, including this morning at 6am.  "Yay."

I just emailed my neurologist to let him know, when I noted that my EEG results were online.  I suppose you will believe me NOW?

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