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Exercising for four hours a day and following a strict diet can yield the same results as weight loss surgery, a leading doctor has claimed. Dr Robert Huizenga, of UCLA, says his extreme diet and exercise plan should replace bariatric surgery as a treatment for obesity. He says bariatric surgery is expensive and carries risks of death, muscle loss, bone thinning and mental health issues. His 'Biggest Loser' weight loss plan, which was made famous by the hit TV show of the same name, helps people lose the same amount of weight and is cheaper than surgery, he claims Read... Read more

New Treadmill Stress Test Spits Out Your Risk Of Dying. Hooray. If there were any means to get my ass back to the gym and motivated it is reading things like THIS and pushing through back pain and tearing up my stupid excuses. BLAH BLAH BLAH BETH, I DON'T CARE THAT YOU CAN'T DRIVE YOU WILL WALK TO THE GYM AND DO IT ... The FIT Treadmill Score is calculated using the patient’s age, gender, fitness level measured by METs, and peak heart rate reached during exercise. Researchers found these four factors to be the greatest predictors of mortality risk.... Read more

As many of you -- I have had lower back pain for years, and in my normal Beth way I have ignored it or (...don't tell anyone!) medicated it with NSAIDS off and on, and heat, and exercise, and stretching. AND GOD DAMN IT, IT HURTS. Source - Healio NSAID use is contraindicated in gastric bypass patients as it can cause serious ulcers. I started popping them like candy recently. No. good. The back pain comes in cycles and never really goes away. It gets to the point where I cannot ignore it and I am currently in a Flare... Read more

Go You Chicken Fat, GO!

I have two sides to my feelings on this ad: I am oddly intrigued by the fact that I do not utilize my own iPhone this way. I just throw my music on at the gym and GO and it is not as nice and edited as the Apple advert makes it seem. The other half of me wants to scream and yell at whomever THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA -- honestly by tugging-at-the-childhood-fears of the fat kid who heard this little song you added to the edit as a kid in elementary school? I am too young to... Read more

"Where do you hide all the skin, you look GREAT!?" Exactly. Hide All The Skin. We learn to hide. *peers over at the TV who is currently trying to tell me to #lovemyselfie Shut Up* I do not wear my skin-suit out in public because it has never felt normal to me. Certainly some women (...and men) who have lost a ton of weight wear their new skin suits openly and wave their arms like a one-person pride parade to indicate their new found weight loss. "Look What I Did! I Lost All This Weight - And Isn't This Skin... Read more

Barbell Denim for people WITH ASS!

I HAVE A Mighty NEED for these jeans. -Signed, the girl who is constantly yanking her jeans UP. Barbell Denim uses technologically superior denim designed to move in complete sync with your body. With our jeans it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing. Designed for athletes, these jeans are made to fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for. However, Barbell Denim will accommodate any body type. Even if your legs aren't particularly muscular, Barbell Denim will still look amazing on... Read more

December 2013 February 2014 Current This is that moment where I put my tail between my legs and come to you and say it -- because this is what I Need To See - Proof That A Thing Works? I have a very literal type brain. (More on that later this year. I promise you. My next appointment is Valentine's Day.) Figure out where Beth's seizure focus is? I must have proof of a thing in order to believe it. I do not blindly follow anything without seeing results, documents, charts that show me "IF YOU DO X, Y will... Read more

As a disclaimer, I have always watched The Biggest Loser casually as someone might watch The Super Bowl for the commercials. I enjoy making digs at the product placement, the commercials, etc. This pleases me #broughttoyoubyziploc #subway #extragum #whomever This year, however I was taken in a little more, sucked in, even after saying things like: "I'd never watch that crap," and "How dare they publicize weight loss competitions!" I am sure I have said MANY choice things over the years about this (...and other shows) as an online weight-loss blogger, even as product pitches aligned with this show were... Read more

Why do we not HAVE THIS!? Gyms for people of size!

EXACTLY. Do you know how long it took me to put my butt inside a gym?! Listen at this link. I talk all the time about having enough money to open gyms for all-sizes-and-levels. Regardless of my size, I am still 320 lbs in my head and I am more comfortable surrounded with women of size. It's one of a number of companies and organizations that are marketing fitness to people who are overweight or obese. It's not a bad business strategy, considering that 69 percent of American adults fit in that category, according to the Centers for Disease Control... Read more

My weight - has not changed in six months - I am maintaining from 144-150. But this, this is new. I had zero definition in my body before. It's the little things, honestly. A little change makes a huge difference - the fact that I can finally see change - makes the work WORTH IT. Read more

9.6 yrs post op weight loss maintenance - finally! Releasing the negative. (Repost for sound issues)

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I fit. Read more

I do not run. I am not a beginning runner. I am not even a jogger. I may be inclined to say that I am a skipper. I don't understand that "runner's high" that runners describe when they get moving long-term and feel their endorphins push through - because I haven't gotten that yet. I am a walker. I can walk for miles and miles. I almost never feel the urge to run. How is that for honesty? But. I may or may not have told someone that I like the svelte look of a runner's body. (And that maybe... Read more

Photos from #YWM2013 Your Weight Matters Convention Costume Party Beach Movie Theme - hence MM in shark, uh, mess Team Bariatric Bad Girls #BBGC Raises Nearly SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Walk From Obesity National Event for the SECOND YEAR in a ROW! GO TEAM BBGC! Two years of National Walks = $14,000! Thanks to everyone who donated - you're all eligible for prizes! See you in September 2014 in ORLANDO, FLORIDA! Again, Because We Can. Related articles Save. The. Date. Bariatric Advantage Ultra Multi Formula with Iron Read more

When can I resume exercise after weight loss surgery?

ASMBS - When can I resume exercise after my WLS? Postoperative exercise Exercise after surgery is absolutely imperative, and it may be the most important factor that can help a patient achieve long-standing and successful weight loss. Regimen: Start walking from day 1. Increase your walking each day. Add other aerobic exercises like swimming and bicycle riding as your surgeon permits and as you feel so inclined. Start light weight training and sit-ups as your surgeon allows. Increase weights and number of reps gradually. This type of exercise will increase muscles mass which improves strength, increases bone density, and increases... Read more

I suppose this is maintenance. I'll take it. I apparently maintain at this caloric intake at this activity level. Source - It's magic. I have also been extraordinarily "lazy" (in Beth terms) in the last 30 days -- with very little gym time. Calorie doesn't have a setting for extraordinarily lazy - but if they did - or a setting for extraordinarily lazy post bariatric patient who eats 1200-1400 calories per day, that would be me. PS. I'm not really that lazy, but, I am not about to own running half-marathons up in this bitch, because, no. I... Read more

I got Reebok sneaker swag at fitbloggin from (...again!) this year! (Last year my kid stole the shoes from me and I never got a shot to share them with you. You don't want the review now. She's um, made them special.) This year - they are all. mine. Muhahahaha. Behold the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0! The new CrossFit Nano 2.0. has an upper designed for lateral support, and a low profile platform that balances cushioning and stability so you can stay quick, safe and comfortable through even the toughest WODs. Breathable mesh upper for added ventilation Low-cut for added... Read more

Recently when I saw a fresh weight loss and posted it, I was confronted with a commenter who asked me why I posted my body-weight. It is a fair question and I do not challenge her asking it, because it's been asked of me many times when I have posted my actual weight-as-a-number. I will say that number-sharing is the norm (...or was?) in the weight loss surgery/bariatric community as a whole for as long as I have been a part of it -- and that is at least 10-12 years that I have actively read and participated in emails,... Read more