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Allergan is considering selling out its Lap-Band arm of weight loss surgical devices -- after a rapid decline in sales and huge public perception fail. Shocking, right? Uh, no. Los Angeles Times - Allergan Inc. is considering selling its Lap-Band weight-loss unit amid rapidly declining sales and a swarm of negative publicity about patient deaths and a criminal investigation of one of its former customers. Word of the potential sale came the same day Allergan disclosed that Lap-Band revenue fell for the fifth consecutive quarter. Sales from weight-loss products fell to $37.4 million during the third quarter, down 25% from... Read more

And here we go again! Los Angeles Times - "The FDA sent a letter to the owners of Lap-Band VIP, warning them to change their billboard and television marketing or face disciplinary action. The allegations were similar to those the agency made in December against 1-800-GET-THIN, another company that marketed Lap-Band weight-loss surgery. Lap-Band VIP, based in Tarzana, has promoted its weight-loss surgery on television, the Internet and freeway billboards throughout Southern California. One billboard featured a photograph of a thin woman with the pitch: "Tiffany lost over 100 lbs. Actual patient. Results may vary." Results DO vary with banding!... Read more

Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. received approval from the FDA and has begun enrolling its first clinical study in the United States to begin evaluating the safety and efficacy of a fully reversible device for weight loss. Clinical trial results reported by Dr. Ariel Ortiz showed 34% excess weight loss in a three-month study in Mexico. Dr. Ortiz also announced preliminary results of approximately 45% excess weight loss in a similar European study. Those are some amazing numbers. I promise I am not thinking about adding this to my gastric bypassed belly, much. I kid. What is it? Here's information from the... Read more

Robert Silverman, the marketing director and president of all of the 1-800-Get-Thin campaigns has resigned. Not surprising. Hey, maybe bloggers won't be poked to remove posts anymore? Heh. LA Times - The president of the 1-800-GET-THIN marketing company, which has blanketed Southern California freeways and television and radio stations with ads for Lap-Band weight-loss surgery, said he has resigned "to pursue other career opportunities." In a news release Thursday, Robert Silverman said that his resignation was effective Tuesday. He had served as the firm's president since February 2010, the release said. "I believed in the mission and I believe that... Read more

Qnexa has safety risks

Image via Wikipedia The weight loss drug Qnexa has some safety risks. Um, duh? It's PHENTERMINE + TOPAMAX. Sure, it can can work to help you lose weight, but your heart gets cranky and you forget what you were blogging about. The FDA says the effects can get worse over time. Super. Did I mention that although I couldn't feel my feet or remember my underwear -- I heart Topamax? Because, since I quit taking it? I have gained weight. And, what's this about getting worse over time -- I -- still can't remember anything. Send Qnexa. I don't care.... Read more

60 Minutes - Tweaking tastes and creating cravings

This is absolutely RIVETING to me. I know, I know, you are either horrified, disgusted or angry. How dare they fake it?! Making your food super-palatable?! Think of the children -- you're creating food addicts! I know, I know. We're fat. We don't need super-enhanced and reasons to EAT more or more often. Anyone who has eaten any lowfat, low sugar, sugar free or specialty diet products has definitely supported the Taste Industry. *picks up my can of Diet Coke with "natural flavor...* But, this makes me tick. I want to flavor things. Now. Hand me the fatty-crusty chicken powder,... Read more

How much do fruits and vegetables COST?

"But it's too EXPENSIVE to eat FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES!" Yes, we say it, and now it's been studied. I find this stuff fascinating, even if I basically fail at life when it comes to fulfilling the fruit and vegetable component of a healthy diet. I don't eat hardly ANY fruit in any form, and vegetables, some, but not enough, and fibrous foods not cooked to death make me want to scrape my intestines out with a potato peeler! But, don't you dare tell me how much cheese costs per edible cup! I know, I know. Even if I love... Read more

The FDA panel has approved the use of gastric banding on lower BMI individuals with one co-morbidity of their obesity. This is HUGE, no pun intended, 'cause the patients aren't really that big. (A little bigger than your friendly bypassed blogger here.) I know I am overweight at 165 pounds, however, this still blows my mind a bit. It blows my mind that I (just as an example) could potentially qualify for weight loss surgery so very easily. I was at a qualifying weight last winter! I am sure we'd find a co-morbid too! We found one the first time... Read more