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Weight loss surgery community, I hear you! "We won't give up our fried chicken sandwiches! You can peel the Chick-Fil-A from my cold, dead, hands, it's MAH chicken!" Regardless of the political stance, you do not need a fried chicken sandwich in your post weight loss surgery life, do you? "But, I go there for the FRIES." Your argument is invalid. What part of your post weight loss surgery diet includes fried chicken and waffle fries? (Don't answer that. I eat fast food too.) However, it's not a NECESSITY. In ANY way, for ANY surgery-type. But, if you find that... Read more

Actively Pursue Being Thought Foolish! I Am!

I rarely read blogs about weight loss. I cannot read about anyone's daily weight, not my own, not yours. Numbers will not determine my worth -- nor yours. So there. Honestly, I read more blogs about blogging. I often read blogs about How To Blog. Yay for Problogger! BTW - if you're looking to earn a living through blogging, it's a MUST-READ. On blogs about blogging you might find posts regarding how to deal with criticism and haterade. "To do anything remotely interesting you need to train yourself to be effective at dealing with, responding to, even enjoying criticism… In... Read more