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Many women opt for bariatric surgery in order to increase chances of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A recent study suggests that weight loss surgery can help a woman do just that, but there are risks. Personally, my full term post bariatric surgery pregnancy was different than my pre-WLS pregnancies. I was at a more normal bodyweight at the time of my daughter's gestation, and I did not seem to suffer the ill effects of obesity on pregnancy like I had with my prior children. I had no high blood pressure, no high blood sugar, nor did I land on bedrest... Read more

Exercise improves insulin sensitivity after gastric bypass

Clinical trial demonstrates additive effect of exercise following gastric bypass. So. do. it. I know, I know, easier said than done. Over 75 million adults in the US are obese. These individuals are predisposed to health complications, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Gastric bypass surgery results in dramatic weight loss and can improve diabetes symptoms in obese patients. A new study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reveals that exercise following bypass surgery provides additional benefit for obese patients. Bret Goodpaster and colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study on individuals that had recently undergone gastric bypass... Read more

It, fits? OH COME ON. The NEW AND IMPROVED LAPBAND! You can do better! Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., the leader in minimally invasive endoscopic surgical products for bariatric and gastrointestinal procedures, today announced the launch of the “It Fits” campaign, aimed at rejuvenating the LAP-BAND® System and educating a broad range of patients about the benefits of the minimally-invasive weight loss procedure. “It Fits” supports the company’s decision to place greater emphasis on the unique advantage of the LAP-BAND® System – the only FDA approved device for weight reduction for people with at least one weight-related health problem, and having a... Read more

I am easily distracted online by quizzes, gadgets, tools, and "Who Will You Be When You Grow Up?" (Which said TEACHER, BTW, ME, The Kid Who Failed Half Her High School Classes...) quizzes, which is when I saw this - Online Tool Designed to Help Patients Evaluate Potential Bariatric Surgery Outcomes - thingamajig - I did it myself even though I am already ten years and two months post gastric bypass. How cool is this? Are you considering weight loss surgery? Check this out. LA Times - A new tool nveiled at the annual meeting of the American Society for... Read more

The Effectiveness and Risks of Bariatric Surgery - March 2014

Study - The Effectiveness and Risks of Bariatric Surgery Importance The prevalence of obesity and outcomes of bariatric surgery are well established. However, analyses of the surgery impact have not been updated and comprehensively investigated since 2003. Objective To examine the effectiveness and risks of bariatric surgery using up-to-date, comprehensive data and appropriate meta-analytic techniques. Results A total of 164 studies were included (37 randomized clinical trials and 127 observational studies). Analyses included 161 756 patients with a mean age of 44.56 years and body mass index of 45.62. We conducted random-effects and fixed-effect meta-analyses and meta-regression. In randomized clinical trials,... Read more

Weight loss surgery: 'not everyone lives happily ever after' - Medical News Today. I realize this is a very small sample study, but I can't say I don't disagree with most of it after living this WLS-life for ten years and observing hundreds of people in it. All women had undergone gastric bypass surgery - one of the most common bariatric surgery procedures. It involves rerouting a part of the small intestine past the stomach in order to reduce food intake, promote satiety and suppress hunger. The majority of the women were interviewed twice. The first time was... Read more

December 2013 February 2014 Current This is that moment where I put my tail between my legs and come to you and say it -- because this is what I Need To See - Proof That A Thing Works? I have a very literal type brain. (More on that later this year. I promise you. My next appointment is Valentine's Day.) Figure out where Beth's seizure focus is? I must have proof of a thing in order to believe it. I do not blindly follow anything without seeing results, documents, charts that show me "IF YOU DO X, Y will... Read more

Factors Distinguishing Weight Loss Success and Failure at Five or More Years Post Bariatric Surgery

What makes someone a Weight Loss Success long term after bariatric surgery? According to a study by Colleen Cook of BSCI - it's following the rules of your WLS. I've heard her say it a hundred times at bariatric events - fall back to the RULES of your surgery - because it DOES WORK - (Nodding in agreement - I am proof.) Here's the study details from ASMBS/TOS 2013 - Dietary support after bariatric surgery, along with pre-operative teaching and post-operative management, may mean the difference between weight-loss success and failure for patients with obesity, according to results of an... Read more

9.6 yrs post op weight loss maintenance - finally! Releasing the negative. (Repost for sound issues)

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Bariatric surgery leads to lasting improvement in health, studies say - TOS/ASMBS

From studies presented at this year's Obesity Society - ASMBS meeting in Atlanta, new data on weight loss surgeries long-term efficacy. Not too shabby. LA Times - Fifteen years after they have weight-loss surgery, almost a third of patients who had Type 2 diabetes at the time they were operated on remain free of the metabolic disorder, a new study says. And six years following such surgery, patients had shaved their probability of suffering a heart attack over the next 10 years by 40%, their stroke risk by 42%, and their likelihood of dying over the next five years by... Read more

I fit. Read more

Bariatric Surgery Safe in Very Obese Teens - Study

Teenagers -- some even with lots of comorbidities fare well after weight loss surgery. Medpage - via JAMA Severely obese teens who underwent weight-loss surgery had a low number of short-term complications following treatment, researchers found. Among a sample of teens who received gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or adjustable gastric banding, there were no deaths during the initial hospitalization or within 30 days of any operation, according to Thomas Inge, MD, PhD, of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and colleagues. Medpage - Major complications, such as reoperation, occurred in 8% and minor complications, including readmission for dehydration, happened in... Read more

Bariatric surgery may prevent heart failure

Bariatric surgery may prevent heart failure Major finding: The incidence rate of heart failure during a median 15 years of prospective follow-up after bariatric surgery was 3.1 cases per 1,000 person-years, compared with 5.2/1,000 person-years in obese controls. Data source: The Swedish Obese Subjects study included 2,010 obese subjects who underwent bariatric surgery in 1987-2001 and 2,037 closely matched obese controls. It is a nonrandomized, prospective, observational study. Source - New findings from the landmark Swedish Obese Subjects study "strongly suggest" that bariatric surgery reduces by roughly half the long-term risk of developing heart failure, Dr. Kristjan Karason reported at... Read more

Your Brain after Obesity Surgery

Your Brain after Obesity Surgery We are not discussing my brain after bariatric surgery, we are discussing yours. Because, mine is very special. *insert photo of my special brain here* Your brain after obesity surgery responds to food differently than before surgery and differently than it does after a behavioral weight program. Likewise, brain function improves in children with excess weight and low fitness after treatment with an aerobic exercise program. These observations come from two new studies in Obesity that provide a glimpse of the growing understanding about how obesity and its treatment affect brain function. Amanda Bruce and... Read more

"To be honest, I don't even know how heavy I was. I was probably somewhere over 380 pounds," Portinga said. After trying numerous methods to lose weight, Portinga decided to get gastric bypass surgery. And he kicks ass. Just saying. Read more

Weight Loss Surgery Pouch Test Fad Diets Why Do You?

Why do you? Read more

Study: Obesity Surgery In Younger Patients Could Reverse Cardiac Problems

“What we found was that the cardiac structure and function in these extremely obese adolescents scheduled for bariatric surgery was much more impaired than one might have thought,” said John Bauer, PhD with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The hearts and function of super-morbidly obese adolescents before undergoing bariatric surgery -- were that of middle-aged persons. After bariatric surgery -- the teens' hearts underwent change -- reverting to a healthier state. GOOD NEWS. Video - Study - Read more

Via Graham Elliot of Masterchef has dropped more than fifty pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery last month. Way to go, Graham! Related articles Graham Eliot of Masterchef Has WLS - Already has the wrong idea Gastric Sleeve Surgery Long Term - It Works - Mostly! Read more

Post bariatric food apathy or obsession

I have often described myself as a food apathetic since weight loss surgery. I never seemed to connect the gathering, preparation and cooking of food the way others did since my bariatric surgery. I am not typical. There are reasons. I believe what sealed this for me was when I was told that I should not be using utensils, stoves and other "dangerous" materials since my seizures have been uncontrolled even while heavily medicated. I am not supposed to cook or prepare anything while unsupervised. This makes cooking not much fun FOR ME. I rarely cook unless the whole family... Read more

By 5 years, average excessive BMI lost was 57.4%, they reported. Read more

I suppose this is maintenance. I'll take it. I apparently maintain at this caloric intake at this activity level. Source - It's magic. I have also been extraordinarily "lazy" (in Beth terms) in the last 30 days -- with very little gym time. Calorie doesn't have a setting for extraordinarily lazy - but if they did - or a setting for extraordinarily lazy post bariatric patient who eats 1200-1400 calories per day, that would be me. PS. I'm not really that lazy, but, I am not about to own running half-marathons up in this bitch, because, no. I... Read more

It's 94 degrees in my bedroom right now where I should be packing my suitcase in anticipation for my flight out to fitbloggin' 2013 tomorrow morning. However instead of packing I am playing the "until the very last minute" game because - It is 94 degrees in my bedroom And I am avoiding all things boob sweat. (I am currently sweating, sitting still.) There is also this one thing -- I weighed in at 183 pounds last summer to fall. fitbloggin' 2012 I now weigh 144 pounds and that is a visible size difference. 2013 The thing is -- I've... Read more

Via OAC - Nominations END tomorrow! We are proud to open the nomination process for the OAC’s 2013 Annual Awards that will be presented on Saturday evening, August 17, at the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention in Phoenix, AZ. Last year, the OAC unveiled its Annual Awards Program as a way to honor outstanding OAC members and volunteers for their tireless efforts to advance the cause of obesity and help individuals affected through education, advocacy and support. Our members truly drive the successes of the OAC, and we are excited to celebrate the individuals that have made a... Read more

I've got that Barenaked Ladies song "One Week" playing in my head as I write this post -- It's been one week since you looked at me Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry Five days since you laughed at me saying Get that together, come back and see me Three days since the living room I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you Yesterday you'd forgiven me But it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry The song makes little sense - and I was being vague in saying I did a... Read more

Please judge everything.

It's a funny thing when you post your lowest-to-date weight, instant comments happen. I suppose I should expect it. I watch the comments scroll on other people's blogs, pages, etc and I try to ignore them but I do wonder what the guidelines or cut offs are for making judgements on a person's shape/size. "Now don't you go wasting away on us!" (I am a nine year and two month bariatric surgery post op, I think I have this whole cyclic regain pattern pretty much DOWN to a science.) "Gosh, I hope you are not going anorexic over there!" (Wait,... Read more